Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus

 Seattle, Washington, USA

'Sweet Jesus' currently finds its music somewhere between old delta-blues, and the great wall of rock 'n' roll that spawned so many.


Sweet Jesus formed in 2003 Seattle, WA, with singer/songwriter Bobby Malvestuto, drummer Crystal Pistols, and lead guitarist Will Feffer, adding additional members in 2005. They're first self-released e.p. gained them local radio attention, with they're song "Make a Million" landing on a KEXP podcast. The song "Uniforms" was featured in the film "Homeland", where they they can be seen playing in the bar scene. Fueled by life's darker themes, the band seemingly ditched all pop influences for the collection of songs found on they're full length "Nightlife" 2010. The album takes on a blues-driven heartfelt approach, often backed by heavy percussion.


Make a Million

Written By: Bobby Malvestuto

Stick that piece of gum Johnny, under your seat
and you can rip out all the pages of your fathers Newsweek
Its just the crap Daddy reads, crap Daddy reads
He fills his head with what he thinks he needs
And dont swallow your tongue Johnny
You've got a tongue
Spit out your words like a filthy fearless son Johnny
Now you see people on the internet playin with themselves
and you see people in the shopping malls
where you cant be at all
you see them lining up in rows, swattled in theyre clothes
saying your the bad bad baby,
a bad bad baby
Cuz you forgot to read the front page news
They may surround you with they're hot cup of coffe
with black carbon copies of money that they use
Theyre drinkin beer on the weekends, beer on the weekends
Save al pre-occupied cares for the weekend
You've got a head trip now, you want to figure it out
Lay it on the line, lay it on the line
Lay it on the line
You make a million when you make up your mind
Gonna make a million when you make up your mind


Sweet Jesus EP 1 2005
Sweet Jesus EP 2 2008
Sweet Jesus/Nightlife LP 2010