sweet machine

sweet machine


Sweet Machine sound like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on coke while beating up the White Stripes. In between, Elvis shows up shouting out loud »Rock'n'Roll!«.


Sweet Machine formed in Summer 2005, after Conner (Bass, Voc) returned from a two year long world wide tour with Peaches working as her technician. At a house party at Mignon’s – long time friend and collaborator of Peaches – Conner was introduced to Saskia, who he recognized from seeing her play live on a TV show with her band! Rocking a 7-string guitar when Nu Metal and Crossover was the hot thing. Running parallel to rocking Mignon’s live show with her guitar playing, Saskia was writing her
own songs, switching from her 7-string guitar to a regular guitar and writing music that you not only shout, but sing, together with lush layered harmonies. After their first encounter, they decided to hook up together and after just one jam session the case became crystal clear – they had to start a band. The only thing they were missing was a drummer, cue Jake. Conner and Jake go way back, playing together as kids in their first bands. Since then, Jake has been busy studying the drums in the Netherlands while touring Europe with numerous music projects and groups. A former hardcore and freejazz - drummer, who’s now ready to rock?! Perfect! Sweet Machine was born.


EP "Sweet Machine"

Set List

11 own songs, duration: 45 mins
cover songs: