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""A break from the radio.""

From Jook - ATL producer famous for working with the DTP clique - Direct Quote


Scott Patton - guitarist famous for recording with Sugarland - Direct Quote


I'm a sucker for R&B/funk pop of all generations, and
your music is hittin' it right now!!!

Benjy Kantor
Manager, Artist Relations
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Sweet Pea, 2007
Self-titled, Debut Album
Available now at CD Baby and other on-line retailers.

"At The Woodshed" introduces you to the witty personality of our First Lady with the commercially infectious "Now Listen" opening the first chapter of the Sweet Pea story. "For The Streets" will transport you to the place where funky little children begin the journey of understanding and you can hear their cries as they rise when you indulge in "Unplugged." Recognize that funk makes people move and funk comes from the gospel by getting your "Shout" on. (Go 'head, do your dance!) Remember that James Brown told us “Funky is about the injustices, the things that go wrong,” as “Dead Man Walking” begins to play; and then, take some time to remember the lessons you have learned along with Sweet Pea while listening to “Reflections.”

Your fears will be erased and your hope will be renewed as you play “Don’t Take My Dreams Away.” Sweet Pea spotlights her birthplace on “The Bottoms” and showcases her dirty-south-crunk-country-girl style with “Gotta Work Hard.” Want some old school? Check out “The Funk!” The Woodshed pledges to bring you socially-conscious music by highlighting the current plight of our Gulf Coast brothas and sistas on “Keep It Cool”, by never forgetting the injustices of the past with “Time,” and by keeping it real on “Inner City.”



Ladies & Gentlemen, The Woodshed Presents . . . SWEET PEA!

"I came from the bottoms. I grew up next to the train tracks, down in south Georgia; and, I can still hear those trains as they’re rolling through. It sounds like the tick of the clock. Yeah, that’s my time." -- Sweet Pea

Over the past ten years, Sweet Pea and her producer have been in the lab on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia creating a movement. The movement is designed to “Keep FUNK Alive!” The movement is called “The Woodshed Presents . . .”

From the bottoms of Cordele down in dusty South Georgia to the dirty streets of the beloved “SWATs” of the ATL, the “Queen of Neo Funk” has emerged. The voice has been called phenomenal and the sound delivers what has been touted as a much-needed “break from the radio.”

Sweet Pea’s long awaited, self-titled, solo, debut album is filled with funky music that brings just the right touch of light to solemn subject matter.

Growing up a stone’s throw from the train tracks, Sweet Pea’s early life was filled with rhythm and vibration. Everywhere she walked through her hometown, she could hear steam billowing, horns blowing, and wheels moving as the large rail cars rolled through various parts of town carrying peanuts, pecans, peaches, watermelons, and other agriculture to various cities across the US. Being the granddaughter of a sharecropper and the baby daughter of an estranged wife with limited education yielded an upbringing poor of material possessions but rich of character.

All members of the extended family, save the men that had to work, were required to attend church several times a week and singing was a family staple. All family members sing gospel, a couple sing opera, and many sing the blues; however, Sweet Pea sings “The Funk.”

Of course, she sang in the church choir. She also sang in the school chorus and played flute in middle school; however, she was forbidden from marching with the high school band by the leaders of her church. Sweet Pea couldn’t wait to leave the country and all of its traditions, so she skipped the twelfth grade and headed north to enter college early. From the bottoms of Cordele to the Big City of ATL Pea went.

The background is written to illustrate how the intrigue of and attraction to “secular” music unfolded. Sweet Pea found “Funk” to be a mixture of all the interesting styles of singing and playing music that she had experienced in life. Funk is the music that moved her to experience all emotions and embrace what makes her happy and alive as an individual. Filled with plenty hopes and dreams, Sweet Pea continues to make them a reality. She loves music, singing, and writing. She states, “From the moment I place my feet on the floor till the chance to lay my head down on my pillow, I ponder over the sound of music. I want the world to sing along with me. Let us all enter into His presence with singing.”

Sweet Pea is a gifted singer and a talented songwriter with a knack for making a dire situation seem not so bad after all. Her story is one of servitude. Let Sweet Pea entertain you. Listen to the music from a "Woodshed" point of view and allow yourself to be free of mental restraint.

Sweet Pea's goals include gaining recognition and respect from the Music Industry for her creations. Her future includes securing management, representation, and repeat radio airplay to generate a mountain of album sales, both nationally and internationally.

"It has been an interesting journey; and through it all, the train tracks have never been far away." --Sweet Pea