Sweet Peach 6

Sweet Peach 6

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Funky, hard groove music with jazz harmony. Our music will make your head nod and your hips shake. Our music is lyrical and catchy, and will leave you humming and whistling our melodies and beats for hours. Our band is loaded with intense soloists who will make you demand more.


We are Sweet Peach 6 - six music majors(5 being jazz studies) from the University of Southern Mississippi that live and breathe music. Sweet Peach 6 is an extremely versatile group that has been educated in the art of pure groove. Being in such close proximity to New Orleans, we have been heavily influenced by the NOLA music and culture, which shows in our originals and heavy grooves. Sweet Peach 6 has the utmost dedication to pocket and the movement of hips, dig? We set out on a personal mission, six speaking as one, to capture our audience with slammin' beats from the first note to the last. Music is our passion, and above all, what we live for. We believe we are one of the most talented and diverse groups in the nation. Our violinist, Luis Gustavo Alberto, of Campinas, Brazil, just won a YouTube competition to play on the Grammy's (which his audition video is still available on YouTube), and everyone in the group is a player of this caliber.
We collaboratively have shared the stage and performed along side of acts of the utmost professional level, such as Jeff Coffin, The Wailers, Ben Harper, The Flaming Lips, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Brazilian Jazz pianist/composer, Jovino Santos Neto, Bill Caruthers, John Blackwell, and Mike Scott. We absolutely guarantee an amazing musical experience at every show and have done so at EVERY show we have ever played.

For BOOKING or further inquiry -
contact Ben Bivins (601)467-1654


After the Rain

Written By: Ben Bivins/Whitney Gillespie

Rainfall then was striking to me
Heaven's downpour sheer beauty
Never felt I, frightened
Always felt I, enlightened
Panic stains my senses
Now I feel defenseless
Calling to the Father- help me!
I don't want to die

Never was such difference
Even night and day bear resemblance
then was war and now outcome
why replay the bombs of atom
Is this searching futile
looking through chaos for one child
there's no hope how can they
hold on for one more day

Can you hear me? I'm calling
Son to Father - I'm calling
Earth to Eternal - I'm falling
Drowning alone and afraid

How is there so many
looking for signs of family
Don't leave son my only
I won't live life lonely
Anguish morbidly realistic
please be no statistic
I'll find you just answer my call
I'm coming just hold on

Welcome your trials have ended
your here now your pain suspended
take my hand and come with me
madness ended finally
Come home son the rain is no more
we have survived the downpour
Thank God for his blessings
we've all weathered the storm

Can you hear me? i'm calling
Son to Father - i'm calling
Earth to Eternal - I'm falling
We're here after the rain

After the Rain
After the Rain
After the Rain


Our tracks "Tiny Island", "Nawlins Night" have been featured on the WUSM(88.5) radio station in Hattiesburg, MS. We have also been featured on WDAM(NBC).

Set List

"Mind Yo' Manners(BivNasty)"
"Tiny Island"
"This Daze"
"Nawlins Night"
"Ey Funk"
"You See It"
"After the Rain"
"Sweet Peach
"Bear On a Hunch"
"Thank You Bob"

"Superstition" - Stevie Wonder
"Mothership Connection" - Parliament
"Cissy Strut" - The Meters
"Jungle Man" - The Meters
"Just Kissed My Baby" - The Meters
"Ain't No Use" - The Meters
"Chameleon" - Herbie Hancock
"Butterfly" - Herbie Hancock
"Phase Dance" - Pat Metheny
"Nine Over Reggae" - Pat Metheny/Jack DeJohnette
"#41" - Dave Matthews Band
"Jimi Thing" - Dave Matthews Band
"Stay" - Dave Matthews Band
"Jammin' " - Bob Marley
"Exodus" - Bob Marley
"I Shot the Sheriff" - Bob Marley
"Mind Control" - Stephen Marley
"The Wind Cries Mary" - Jimi Hendrix
"Wishing it Was" - Santana
"Waiting on the World To Change" - John Mayer
"Gravity" - John Mayer
"The Chicken" - Jaco Pastorius
"Barbary Coast" - Jaco Pastorius