Sweet Polly

Sweet Polly


Sweet polly, a three piece alternative rock group from lake county, illinois was formed in late summer of 2004. Out to win people over with their dark lyrics and powerful music and their intense and at times destructive live shows


Sweet Polly We have played all around chicago, wisconsin, lake county the past 2 years... Including pirate studios, The rave, The note, Libertyville civic center, The rock and rack, And even the lake county fairgrounds. We have a good fanbase and are hoping to expand that. We are looking into booking more out of town shows and it would be great if anyone can help us out. If u want to hear more email us. Thanks a ton. We are 16 17 and 20. Most of our fans are under 21.


Demo (3 songs) 2004
Twilight E.P. (6 songs) 2005
Upcoming E.P. (9 songs) 2006

Set List

1. Endorphines
2. Everything & Nothing
3. Something Ridiculous
4. 804
5. Plastic Scars
6. Midnight
7. Blackheart
8. Dying Memory
9. Kill My Opinion
10. Mornings Dream
11. Sunshine