Sweet Ray Laurel

Sweet Ray Laurel


We are an indie rock band with influences of emo and blues. Our band is made up of 4 very experienced musicians who have played in several different musical projects. We take our music very seriously and it shows in our professionalism and exciting shows.


We are laid back music lovers. Our influences is really any music that is good. We all come from different musical backgrounds which helps give us a different sound. Most bands will come together with members that are interested in a certian type of music, we came together to simply play good music. This is why it is so hard to really put us in a genre category, our music is a mixture of several different styles. But, when it all boils down to who we are and what we do it is simple we are musicians out to give people something good to listen to and follow in the footsteps of the many good musicians before us.


currently working on a demo c.d

Set List

Look Alive-5:26; This Cold 6:17; A Nomad At Home 4:32; New Song 4:26; Frieght Train 5:13; Jimmy's Song 4:49; Radiodown 5:07; Our typical set list is 7 or 8 songs and will run around 45 minutes. We usually will throw in some of our older songs we first wrote and some improv jams.