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Sweet Selma

Norman, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Norman, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Country Americana


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SWEET SELMA one of the rare father-daughter- son and 2 cousins family band in country music. Soaring vocals and tight harmonies launches Oklahoma based SWEET SELMA into the mainstream of modern country music.

Daughter Chelsea lead vocalist’s passion for singing began at an early stage in life. She recalls being inspired by her Dad, Brandan and cousin, Wenona (Nonie)performing in bands when she was just a little girl.

Father Brandan’s confident keyboard playing, and back up vocals firepower, is evident on stage, and studio. When Brandan lays his fingers on the keys, you know he has the winning hand.

Son Devon keeps the beat and the crowd stomping to his extrodinary drumming.

Cousin Wenona (Nonie's) interest in music started when her Mother bought her first guitar at age 13. A self taught guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer, and songwriter. Noni has always been modest, but yet confident and very optimistic. She just wants to do the best at anything she does and not limit herself.

Cousin Rowdy McKinley’s sharp guitar sounds are enough to make you cry. Brandan has been playing with him since he was just 16 in various bands. A quick learner that makes everything sound perfect. You’ll be amazed.

The band name SWEET SELMA is a very original name, with lots of heartfelt meaning. Selma is the Grandmother and Great-Grandmother Brandan, Chelsea, Devon as well as the Aunt of Wenona (Nonie) Taliaferro.

SWEET SELMA is about relationships, it’s about life, love, and being on the road, enjoying family, and what happens when there’s drama, and trouble, and tragedy. You can see the growth of the character, and the life experience, and then you see the conclusion. SWEET SELMA is very honest, grown up, but yet fun, and youthful, with the presence of Chelsea. Their gift of self-confidence born of the rock-solid foundations of family and faith.

Father Brandan, and cousin Wenona (Nonie) decided to start from scratch, withdrawing into a hole-in-the-wall cabin on lake Texoma rehearsing, and not coming out until they had figured out whom they were. Within minutes of getting together, the band clicked, creating something completely different than anything they had done before.

4 months after getting together, SWEET SELMA played their first gig and were astounded by the audience reaction. Hitting a groove connecting so well and sounding so good, it was such a fun sound. There was a moment when they just said, “Wow.”

This Father – daughter cousin and two cousins made the decision to go all the way. Cousin Wenona (Noni)e stated “Let’s hit it out of the ball park. We know what we’re doing, and how to have fun doing it. Lets go play arenas. Let’s make that record. Let’s do the impossible, it can’t hurt to try.” Living up to their full potential while enjoying every minute of it is what they plan to do.


Modern day sociologists say the traditional American family is a thing of the past. Maybe that is true in some parts of the world, but not in the small south central Carter County town of Lone Grove, Oklahoma.In just a matter of moments the Italian descent Oris W. Taliaferro family of Lone Grove could prove any
Sociologist's theory on the family wrong. Not only are the Taliaferros a close family through their love and care of each other, but the distance in which members live from each other if very close.

Inside the eight square miles that form the Lone Grove city limits, 75 members of this family live within 10 miles of each other. Centered among the family is the old grocery store that was established in the 30's. The store, located at U.S. Highway 70 and Brock Road, or what is better known around there as
Taliaferro Corner is operated today by a 4th generation Taliaferro family member.

This interesting story of the Taliaferro family began on Nov. 28th, 1912, when Oris and the former Annie Parker were married in Duncan. Annie was born on January 21st 1895, in Webster, Florida, and came to Southern Oklahoma as a small child.

Although Annie was the daughter of a Methodist minister, George and Beulah Parker, she joined the Baptist faith after marrying in the Taliaferro Family.

Oris, who was born on April 15, 1891, in north central Texas, was a devoted Christian, believing in the Baptist faith. He also served as a deacon of his church. The head of the household Oris loved music and and often could be found singing or leading the church choir, playing Santa at the community gathering.

The Taliaferro first years of marriage were spent on a dairy and the farm. Oris, Annie, and their only child, Selma, moved to Lone Grove in 1912 from Duncan, in Stephens County. Before long five other children joined the family. Each of these offsprings was born in Lone Grove, Oklahoma and still live there to this day. The offsprings who have passed on are buried in the Taliaferro family cemetery in Lone Grove.

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