Sweet Tart

Sweet Tart

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Sweet Tart is a purple-haired children's performer specializing in "edutainment" and evangelism. Sweet Tart operates under her parent company, More Than Fun®.



-A Healthy Voice for Children
-A non-animated, purple haired children's character
-A children's "edutainer" (educator + entertainer)
-An evangelist for Jesus Christ
-A trained professional
-A role model who is relevant to children and can engage parents


-Targets Pre-K - lower elementary aged children and families
-Assists parents in finding creative ways to instill timeless truths in their children
-Provides interactive educational experiences that incorporate original song, dance, story-telling, puppets, improvisation, and other creative channels.

Set List

Enjoy a musical event with Sweet Tart!

Targets Pre K – Lower Elementary aged children and families, yet we’ve found that people of all ages enjoy Sweet Tart!

One 30-45 minute event focused on teaching children and parents timeless truths such as God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, service, obedience, prayer, forgiveness, worship, stewardship, and evangelism. In addition, respect, responsibility, and self control are emphasized through original song, play, story-telling, improvisation, and other interactive creative channels.

Scripture memory and prayer will also be integral components for this event.

Ideal For: Churches, Mom's Organizations, Family Events, Festivals, Camps, Fundraisers, etc.

Contact: More Than Fun at 303-895-9973