Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea


We love to make people feel happy when they listen to our music but we also supply a message to seduce the ladies


There are three types of musicians.

Some musicians are made, their talents honed by long hours of practice and hard work. Others musicians are born, skills that came at birth in no need of practice or improvement.

But there is a third type, the type of musician seen only once every thousand years. These musicians are neither born with their skills nor did they have to work to achieve them; rather they were gifted with a set of talents that far exceeds that of lesser mortals, talent bestowed upon them by the gods.

Musicians like these were once thought to be only a legend. Old wives tales of men who's very voices can stir the hearts of the unfeeling, who's melodies can persuade the stoniest man, who's very presence can brighten a room. As time went on, fewer and fewer people believed in these legendary artists.

But today, if you are reading this, you have stumbled upon what was once believed a myth. Three men, three minds, three musicians sent from the gods.

Sweet Tea, band of the Heavens.

Few musicians have Sweet Tea's ability to capture emotions in the heart of a song, to portray inspirational and touching messages in the form of music. Combining flawless rhythm, impossible rifts, and astounding vocals, Sweet Tea has emerged as a band that could change the face of music.

And so, friends, fans, and fellow musicians, we welcome you to our new vision of music. We welcome you to join in our journey through sound as we create and perfect the greatest art of all; the art of song.

We welcome you, to the Sweet Tea experience.

The Beatles, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Steel Train, The Kooks, Sherwood, Kenny Chesney, Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, G.Love, Death Cab for Cutie, Snow Patrol.


We are currently working on a demo.

Set List

8-9 songs
About an hour