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The best kept secret in music


"VFGT Review- Copper Press"

While this may go down as the “well duh” statement of the millennium, indie rock bands that have a well established back knowledge of bands that have came before them – as well as being on-the-ball musically – are miles ahead of those that grab a melody and style and run it for a half-hour. Case in point: Providence, RI’s Sweet Thieves. What else can you say about a band that in thirty-five minutes is reminiscent of The Wipers, Shellac, Hot Snakes, Sicbay, Riddle of Steel, and New Black? Pretty dad gum impressive would be a good start. While Sweet Thieves tout guy/gal vocals a la Mates of State, sing-songy pop tunes are not the result. The dueling is backed with a rather esoteric and varied sound, Sweet Thieves are full of complicated structures and shifts. While definitely an overused adage, angular is a term that cannot be avoided. This disc, for that matter, shouldn’t be avoided either. View From a Glass Tower is high quality stuff. – David Lichius (The Copper Press, 2006)
- David Lichius- Copper Press

"VFGT Review- 75orless.com"

Although the emphasis leans towards heaviness, hooks aren't ignored in Sweetthieves' math rock song structure - they are also free of the pitfalls their peers are usually guilty of, namely overlong instrumental songs and a gazillion time changes. Vocals are traded off between Dave Martinka's Thurston Moore-ish delivery and Hilary Jones' yelp. This cd is full of disciplined, precise songs with pulsing bass and pounding drums, similar to an awkward glance between the members of Pinback and Shellac. - mark - 75orless.com

"Best Local Punk/Garage Act"

"It seems like we've got some momentum building, definitely", says Sweetthieves bassist and co-voice Hilary Jones. The self-assured nature of View From a Glass Tower has helped create and sustain that momentum; a crisp, kick-ass punk vibe nails it down. They plan to shift that momentum into overdrive with a tour in the summer. "Right now we're trying to plan East Coast dates for August or maybe September", says Hilary, formerly of the Electra Complex. Thanks to attention-grabbing gigs and a solid work ethic, Jones and the boys, guitarist/singer Dave Martinka and drummer Jason Mayoh have honed their bluster with spit and polish. Their disc emits whiffs of bands such as Sonic Youth and Gang of Four, plus the raw Kill Rock Stars slant on punk. "The new songs are a little more complex, more intricate", says Hilary. "Theres still the aggressive sound, but with prettier parts to balance it out. The songwriting is really maturing." With only a few years under their belt the band formed in the summer of 2003 they've already made great sonic strides. The growling originality of guitarist Martinka (co-owner of B Sharp Music) surely helps. His angular sound gives the new album, made with Keith and Mike at Machines with Magnets, power and glory, while Jones and Mayoh give it the guts. "The record took a while to get done", says Jones, "and we hit a mental block for a little while after that. But now it feels like were doing OK and back on track."
_Bob Gulla

- Providence Phoenix

"VFGT Review- Scenepointblank.com"

Not too long ago, I was talking about a small band out of Providence, Rhode Island making references to some of my favorite bands, and telling you how this said band is full of musical talent. Well, I'm back again to reassure it, with Sweetthieves' first full length. Their demo showed some refreshing music, but it was just as taste of what was to come.

View From a Glass Tower is a very impressive debut. Added are nine catchy tracks of a mellow jazzy sound amped up by consistently hard hitting drumming and deep punchy basslines that continually groove. Sweetthieves show clear signs of originality, though hints of influence come from some of the best music of 80's and 90's including The Cure, Sonic Youth, Shellac, Fugazi, and Unwound. I love the Albini-esque production of the record. The bass is deep and bold, helping to set the mood with the chime that comes from the baritone guitar.

Hilary Jones (bass) and Dave Martinka (guitar) duel vocally, and do it well. Their voices layer each other nicely. Martinka has mostly a melodramatic projection while Jones is haunting, soothing, and sweet. She also throws a bit of sass out from time-to-time, such as in the gut wrenching N.P.N.

View From a Glass Tower is a tight well rounded package, but can be claustrophobic, such as in "N.P.N. and "Family of Thieves." It shines best when the songs are allowed to breath, and the instruments have time to lay down rhythmic foundations for each other to play off of, such as in "Constant Sound" "I can Wait" "The Meek Will" "Principal of Least Interest" and "Orange is the New Black."

Sweetthieves are clearly angular, rhythmic and melodic, but they're not spazzing out into different directions every second, and they're not self-indulging in the unknown. They're showing a genuinely solid sound in the world of indie rock that is pretty hard to find these days.

8.9 / 10

By Scott

- Scenepointblank.com

"Sweetthieves- Live 8.19.05"

Sweetthieves are once again awesome. Another three-piece, they manage tonight to make everything perfectly audible, even the dual vocals. I've seen this band a bunch lately, and I feel like my descriptions are getting boring: a whole lot of "this is great and that's great and what's going on behind them is also great." But it's true. The guitar and bass have a dynamic that's normally more characteristic of two guitarists, trading lead and rhythm duties back and forth between songs or sections, and if the guitar leads are warm and lively and creative and immensely satisfying, it's the bass leads that drop jaws. Part of that is just the surprise factor, since lead bass lines are a rare thing, but another part is the bassist's gorgeous thick sound and stage presence. It's all enough to make you ignore the drummer, which would be a mistake, since he's playing with speed and dynamics and just enough flash to stand up to the amazing strings. Oh, and the tunes and vocals are good, too.
- Steve Gisselbrecht - The Noise Boston

"VFGT Review- Lotosfnoise.com"

First up is the new CD from Providence's hardworking Sweet Thieves and it ROCKS...it is a potent mix of post punk and disharmonic indie style rock that rides waves of hook ridden dual male/female vocals that brings to mind classic Sonic Youth while retaining its own unique and individual sound. The songs range from uptempo rockers like the title "View from a glass tower" and "N.P.N." to more haunting and melancholy tracks like the killer "Constant Sound"and "Prophets making prophets". These guys and gals write GREAT heartfelt melodies...with some really moving and introspective lyrics and considering the band consists of three members ...David Martinka guitar/vox, Hilary Jones bass/vox and Jay Mayoh/drums..they make a hell of a big rock sound. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes their music disharmonic, driving, honest and moving. A really fucking good release....more please.- BobDead, Lotsofnoise.com - Lotsofnoise.com

"Sweetthieves- Live 7.8.05"

Last up are Sweetthieves, who set up the bill. I am really quite taken with this band; they do everything so very well. The drumming is straightforward, but interesting and perfectly solid, and it provides a launch pad for the amazing strings. The guitarist plays a homemade baritone guitar with a beautifully warm sound. He complains a lot about his amp malfunctioning tonight, and it does add a dirty tone that I haven't heard him have before, but I kind of like it, myself. It's a richly textured sound. And their bassist is quite possibly the best bassist I have ever seen. They play a new song for which her part has the musicians from the other bands shaking their heads and grinning in disbelief. The guitar in this song is gorgeous also, and sits lightly on top of that incredible bass line. With good, clear vocals and engaging tunes, there's just nothing about this band that I don't love. -Steve Gisselbrecht, The Noise Boston
- The Noise Boston


"View From a Glass Tower" LP, self-released, 2006

"Save Your Breath" single released on "Rock Out With Your Tail Out" compilation by 75orless Records, 2006

"N.P.N" single to be released on Copper Press Fall/Winter Sampler, 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Dave sold Hilary a '78 Fender Musicmaster at his guitar shop in Providence, Rhode Island, and their mutual love for all things music geekery, dissonant, and ominous led him to ask her to play music with him and long-time friend, Jay Mayoh. After three years, Jay's departure, and a new drummer, Mike (a friend and local engineer at Machines with Magnets Studios- and engineer on their record "View From a Glass Tower"), they have played throughout the Northeast with bands such as Vaz, An Albatross, Pilot to Gunner, and the Reputation, and are currently planning an East Coast tour and accompanying 7" on Corleone Records.