Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing


Sweet Thing is a five piece Toronto band that plays an upbeat, infectious brand of indie rock, charged with dueling guitars, foot stomping grooves, soulful harmonizing and a healthy dose of hand claps.


It all began when Alex Last and Owen Carrier, high school friends from Ottawa, reunited in Toronto while attending Ryerson University. Together they lived in a crummy old house, killed the odd mouse and wrote the odd song. Owen met Nick Rose at theatre school, where they bonded by throwing ropes on the floor. After about a year of talking about how great it would be to be in a rock and roll band, they decided to start one up. Fancy that. After months of songwriting and rehearsing, the missing piece of the puzzle finally fell into place in the likeness of one Tyler Kyte, mercenary drummer extraordinaire and childhood friend of Nick's. Then Alex bought a pair of cowboy boots and Sweet Thing was born. Oh yeah, and about a year later they decided they needed some keyboards, so they enlisted the help of bassist Morgan Waters.
The band's inaugural show took place May 6th 2005 at Club 279 in Toronto, and they have been gaining momentum ever since. Over the course of the next month or so, Sweet Thing recorded a three song demo CD, wrote a bunch of new material and played a number of raucous shows at The El Mocambo, Revival and The Silver Dollar Room.

Since then Sweet Thing have really put their stamp on the local music scene generating a word of mouth buzz that few bands could muster. They've played countless shows in Toronto (Mod Club, Horseshoe, Rivoli) and in the surrounding GTA (Hamilton, Guelph, Burlington, Kitchener) attracting more and more fans as they go. They played in Dan Burke's POP Montreal showcase in 2006, as well as his anti-NXNE show the previous spring opening for King Khan and His Shrines.

In December 2006 Sweet Thing released their debut five song EP. The Release party set a record for attendance at the Silver Dollar Room and sold over 200 CD's that night. One of the tracks was recently played on the Edge 102.1 radio station.

With influences from Classic Rock (the Beatles, the Band, CCR) to Soul (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson) to contemporary dance rock, Sweet Thing is truly an eclectic enterprise. And with five of the six members trained actors, there is no fear of the stage and certainly no lack of charisma. As a result their live show is fun, infectious and brimming with... infectious fun! Sweet Thing plays gritty rock that will make you dance. It's music for the easily bored and the young at heart. The kids have got moxie!


Upcoming self released EP

Set List

Typical set (40 minutes):

1. Down to the ground
2. Cover Up
3. Full Sails
4. Change of Seasons
5. Last Call
6. Winter Night
7. Six Mile Creek
8. Take It Back
9. Kite Fight
10. Everyone