A sonic treat for anyone who likes to stomp their feet to vintage SoundGarden or close their eyes and space out to Pink Floyd.


SweetTooth’s lethal combination of diverse musical backgrounds and experience produces what
drummer Robert Garbowski affectionately calls “Authentic Rock”. SweetTooth deftly mixes elements
of early 90’s power alternative groups, psychedelic, and atmospheric styles with what guitarist John
McBride describes as “classic tones” that culminate not only in a foot stomping and hair tossing good
time, but also an experience that fans are not likely to forget.

Originally formed in 2003, SweetTooth has long remained one of San Diego’s best kept secrets. Formed initially as a power trio led by local music fixture Matt Silvia on vocals and guitar with former Lucky 7 member Robert Garbowski on drums and Jeff Johnson on bass guitar, the band has performed on almost every stage in San Diego. In 2006 SweetTooth enlisted the guitar genius of John McBride, fresh off performing with The Downtown Moneywasters, to fill out the sound of the band both on stage and in the studio. McBride proved to be the final piece to the puzzle that no one knew was missing. McBride’s atmospheric and cosmic guitar work “really fills out the band’s sound, but lots of times he changes the entire feel of a song and we just provide the backdrop.” says Silvia.

With the release of their self-titled CD on June 17th, SweetTooth is ready to hit the stages, familiar and
unfamiliar, bringing new and old fans alike to their feet with fists pumping in the air screaming “One
More Time...”.


Songs For Haulin Ass - EP
SweetTooth (self titled)

Set List

Bleeding Nerve
The Crutch
El cajon
All Wrong
Part Of We
There and Back Again
All Right
Have A Cigar (Pink Floyd)
Get Out (Deadline Friday Cover)
Goin On Green
Holding Back The Rain
Pushing You Away
No Big Mystery
Bring On The Love
Ride On (AC/DC Cover) or Highway To Hell (AC/DC Cover)