Sweetwolf is El Paso’s only rock and blues band playing songs that are reminiscent of the late sixties blues The music is soul-full with an energetic live show and iced with eye candy to give the complete package of an old rock n roll band The El Paso Times has even called it Pure Raw Sexual Energy


During a card game at a local bar in El Paso, Texas, plans were discussed for creating a super band with ex-members Jessie Castillo of Wednesday, and Aaron Pedregon of Texas Exiles. After a conversation with a friend about the proper way to hit on a cute girl, the name Sweetwolf was created and the vibe was set. Both Jessie and Aaron agreed that it needed to be something the city had never seen and it had to have no boundaries when it came to writing the music. Both friends were tired of the segregated music scene but the itch to be on stage with a unified crowd was even greater. After 2 months of waiting for financial aid to arrive and fund the project, the band was underway. With the recruiting of ex bassist Richard Rapp of Hot Rod Boogie and ex Drummer for The Conversation Mike Hernandez, the Bands next project was to write the music. With such great influences like Tom Petty, The Animals, Jets to Brazil, Cursive, Psychedelic Furs, Ocean Blue, Morrissey, and on and on, there was no way that the outcome was not going to be original. Now, the band has made enough material for a full blown record, and is out on a mission: To take over the ears of El Paso Citizens of all kinds. Jessie starts the music foundation with bittersweet lyrics about love and growing up within you, and adds color to the mix with gritty but clean rock rhythm guitar riffs. Aaron then puts an almost southern-like feel lead regiment and adds the detail the songs need to come alive and get you thinking about all those times sitting in a lonely bar. Mike and Richard have to be like the Abbott and Costello of the rhythm industry. Both compliment each other in a way that would make there girlfriends jealous and create Rock and Roll babies with there thundering bass lines and Mikes ability to put technical beats in simple rock and roll music while creating enough sound to make you think you were in the middle of an earthquake. The outcome was a band with pure talent in music writing and raw sexual energy when on stage


None at the moment.

Set List

Devil Woman, Do it again, Smokin' the blues, Closure, Salvation, Queen of hearts, Woman of fire, Natalie (these are all originals and we have a few more in the works), Smokestack lightning by the Yardbirds, and gloria by Them just to mention a couple of covers. Our sets go anywhere from 45-minutes to an hour and a half.