Swift personifies emotional music. The groove and melody combine and create a mixture of intricate beauty and adrenaline filled aggression. Their live show is no different.


Swift formed in 1998 and quickly established itself in the southeastern heavy music scene. With influences from Foo fighters and Radiohead to Testament, Pantera and Metallica they wanted to mesh the excitement and power of aggressive music and the beauty of melody and song structure.
They also focused on stage show attempting to captivate from a visual standpoint as well. In 99 they released their debut ep "thoughts are thought". After touring and promoting throughout 2000 and 2001 Swift decided it was time to work on a new record. The LP entitled "Waging War" is due out in June of 2002.


"thoughts are thought" 1999 ep
"Waging War" 2002 lp

Set List

Sets are 30 to 90 minutes and consist of all original music taken from previous and future releases.