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2004 RichKid$ " Welcome 2 Tha H" - mixtape
2010 SWIFT "500 GRAM" - mixtape
2011 "BRICKS" SWIFT ft. J DAWG - video (over 90,000 total views i.e. WSHH, YouTube)



For Houston’s 26 year old Yung Swift, the rite of passage and road traveled was indeed rough in his bid to become Houston's new premier rap front runner and one of the most versatile and dynamic spitters the South has birthed in many years. With an "Ape Shit" D -Boy swag, stupendous lyrical prose and word smithmanship, natural charisma, and an exceptional ability to deliver high quality records with an R&B influence as well as infectious club bangers, and certified street anthems, this new contender may at first glance leave you somewhat baffled. If you've never heard of him, you are led to assume he's new. However, a perusal of his upcoming mix tape "Yung & Ambitious" set to release independently on the new I of the Storm Music Group, Inc. (ISMG), quickly establishes that he's clearly not a rookie and indeed has what it takes to be on the national stage. Naturally comfortable and credible on both ends of the spectrum, Swift is surprisingly ambidextrous with his craft and truly a rarity in an age where many aspiring artists are either one dimensional or struggling to find their own voice and unique style.

It is though his eyes, peering narrowly yet intensely from under the brim of his Astros fitted, that the world now comes to know the imagery and experiences of his life through his music. While bending corners through the back streets of his native Third Ward on the South side of Houston, TX you may lose sight that you are in the City of Syrup. For many diverse influences from the East, West, and down South and, years of sharpening his craft have shaped his music rendering a sound that is fire filled yet refreshing.

Born November 2, 1985 Brandon Jones, aka Yung Swift came from very meager beginnings growing up in the hood. He was raised by his single mother along with his five sisters and three brothers. Surrounded by the dysfunctions of life in the ghetto, the vicious cycle of hustling in his city's streets, and the morbid statistics of seeing so many of his own family members and friends killed or in and out of jail, Swift knew at an early age rapping would be his way out. He was introduced to Mister C, CEO of Eye of the Storm Music Group, a Houston based up and coming indie label in 2003 and later joined the group organized by Mister C and his wife Karen called the Rich Kid$. The group was extremely talented and with the help of the Storm fine tuned a commercially palatable balance of youthful Ivy League type street hustlers mixed with the grit and grind of enterprising young cats straight off the block. In 2004 they dropped the underground Classic mix tape "Welcome 2 tha H", moving over 20,000 units hand to hand and through mom & pop one stop channels. With momentum building, the crew continued work on their debut project "Ivy League". Their image was flawless and their sound was incredible. It seemed that this group had everything they needed to become the new image of the South. Unfortunately, their success was short lived. The group splintered due to irreconcilable differences leaving Swift devastated.

Years would pass and the young kid with so much potential grew of age. He kept true to his passion throughout the struggle and developed a standalone presence on the mic, often blazing entire projects or songs with a never ending clip of fire. Always known for his signature delivery, Swift was the architect behind many of his former group’s catchy hooks and had now developed the discipline and work ethic of a seasoned veteran. Armed with a near completed copy of what would become the "500 Grams" mix tape, Swift reached out and would later meet with Mister C. In March 2010, a company spokesperson for the new I of the Storm Music Group, Inc. announced the return of its music and media division and signing of Swift as its cornerstone player.

Since then, Swift has completed the highly regarded "500 Grams" mix tape and has completed his first Original full length mix tape "Yung & Ambitious". Insiders remark that "Yung & Ambitious" is a powerhouse of a project packed with not one, two, or three, but multiple potential hits that can work in a variety of different markets. On "Yung & Ambitious”, Swift cascades effortlessly over the well produced tracks, his very voice seemingly becoming an instrument of its own, offering an awesome display of his confidence and lyrical prowess. Perhaps one of the most intriguing qualities of Swift as an artist and one of the most impressive aspects of his repertoire is his ability to produce different styles of music. Swift delivers the goods with Matrix, a swaged out futuristic club banger, serenades the streets with the anthem Whoa, gets it trappin with Cook'n Dance, nails a classic with J Dawg on Bricks, puts you in the Kelly Rowland and Nelly frame of mind with the hit Three Words, is as good as Tre Songz and Luda on Ride Wit Me featuring Steve Ivory and Good Times, makes a non smoker two step, crip walk, and hit the purp with Devin the Dude on Get Up, and