Swift Ships

Swift Ships


These Virginia boys mix flavors from the 70's and 80's to create dance jams and rock ballads about misspent youth, southern romance, and criminal behavior.


Swift Ships is the creative partnership of composer/arranger/guitarist Scott Loving (a.k.a. Marshall) and lyricist/vocalist Ben Shanaberger (Ken). Docked in the New York Islands, these Virginia boys create dance jams and rock ballads about misspent youth, southern romance, and criminal behavior. With the help of multi-instrumentalist/drummer Brent Cole (Memphis) and the influence of songwriters like the Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Ric Ocasek, and Guns N' Roses, we attempt to use the classic sounds of 70's and 80's rock, country, and pop to tell our story.

Recorded in 2006 with Mark Ospovat at Emandee in Brooklyn, "Rebel Renaissance" is our full-length debut. An electric guitar-based concept album, it is a swaggering rock and roll western documenting the life and travels of a modern American loser. Ever-present in the lyrics and music are his desensitized and wayward heart and his common penchant for sarcasm and self-destruction. Sweltering guitar solos abound, the drums 'pop' and sit high in the mix, and the baritone vocals range from a resigned whisper to a screaming growl.

We're stepping out live in 2007 to spread the Swift Ships sound and support the release of "Rebel Renaissance." We've put together a high energy show and are proud to have debuted our new set with our new and very dope bass player Pat Lefrancois at Cake Shop on Manhattan's Lower East Side January 9th to a fantastic crowd with a great response. Our Spring tour will commence in mid-March and will wind its way from Texas back to New York from March 19 through mid-April. Check back in the following weeks for tour dates and locations as the calendar fills in.


Wedding Day

Written By: Loving/Shanaberger

Hallelujah for the love of Martha's baby
The poison from her tongue
Drove a gentle man crazy
Cupid's arrow strikes
Helen's beauty fades
When will I see my wedding day?

Christ, temptations on the Currituck Sound
You're the king of fucking up
She's in the sand face down
The devil is a trick
The road to hell is paved
When will I see my wedding day?

You never will be able to remember her touch
Player feelings are a lie
And a woman is a crutch
The does allure the bucks
That's when the hunters' arrows spray
When will I see my wedding day?

Flat Land

Written By: Loving/Shanaberger

Flat land!
Marshall you better hit the gas
We've worn our welcome out again
And this is my very last stack of cash

You know they gotta figure
Every man won't pay the bills
Keep your finger on the trigger
And head for the hills
Flat land
It ain't no place for a simple-hearted man

I knew the girl was trash
But not another man's treasure
She had a big round ass
Forbidden fruit's the finest pleasure

Oh my darlin' Sally
We hardly got to meet
Next time I'm in the valley
They'll be shootin' in the streets
Flat land
It ain't no place for a hard-lovin' man

Pursuit Race

Written By: Loving/Shanaberger

She was screaming at the pistol
When she put it in her mouth
I was loosening the noose
When the floor dropped out

Pursuit race
Catchin' up with me
And I can't get out from underneath of these sheets
Chaos puts me to sleep

I was buryin' the hatchet when she Looked me in the eye
She cried thrash me babydoll
And thrust a hand between her thighs


There's a rattlesnake's skin
On a crumblin' wall
You can slither to the top
But your ass is gonna fall



Rebel Renaissance - full-length LP.

Set List

1. I Was Not Born to Be in Love
2. Wedding Day
3. Nice Guy
4. Miss Susan
5. High on the Weekend
6. Hopeless Kid
7. Never Tear Us Apart
8. Flat Land
9. Pursuit Race

That's a recent set list that clocks in right around forty minutes. We do play shorter and longer sets. We try to mix in a cover or two every time we play. Some recent ones include INXS's Never Tear Us Apart, The Cars's Double Life, Steely Dan's Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More.