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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Rock Blues




"Swig Brings Blues Back to Rock"

"Swig plays the blues, but with more of an indie-rock sensibility," says Brian Peterson, guitarist/vocalist for the Indianapolis trio Swig. The band (rounded by bassist/vocalist Leigh Marino and drummer Jamie Jackson) are indeed steeped in rock and roll's roots.

Opener "All Night Long" is a lumbering, danceable number that has that patented grit and groove.

The track "Watch Out," with sing-speak narration by Marino, sounds as much like a spy thriller as it does bar-dwelling banshee.

"I Still Believe" starts as a punchy, persistent acoustic number that flips on the electricity and turns into an introspective road rambler

"I'll Be Gone" isn't even blues but straight-up cabaret with brushed drums.

Happy to see blues-rock making a popular comeback, Peterson adds, "It's exciting to see Blues coming back, and Swig fits right in!" - Nuvo Newsweekly

"Swig makes Best of Indiana Recordings 2012 list!"

Swig's recently released first EP – Like You Mean It – was recently chosen by Musical Family Tree to be included as one of the "Top Indiana Albums of 2012." - Musical Family Tree

"New Music: Swig"

Swig’s new EP, Like You Mean It... is a testament to their skills as experienced rock musicians and songwriters, and it’s a strong debut. Indiana has a rich diversity of bands and styles, but Swig offer a unique and electrifying variation on blues rock that has been largely absent in the local indie scene. - Musical Family Tree

"Review: Broad Ripple Music Festival 2012"

At 7 p.m., the-instore.com showcase kicked off at Peppers with Swig, the sexy stoner-rock band that Indianapolis has been missing. Falling somewhere between dark, heavy rock and burlesque-style jazz, Swig offers easy listening jams that move... Swig labels their sound as "retro indie blues," but their deep grooves and sultry, impassioned vocals create a sound that far exceed such a generic labeling. - Nuvo Newsweekly


Still working on that hot first release.



Remember the last time you got that excited feeling upon discovering a new band? And how you wanted to be the first one to tell all your friends about them? We do! And that's what we hope Swig listeners will do too!

We call our sound "indie-blues", but we've also been described as Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Rock/Blues and even Stoner Rock (boy, that made us smile!)

How do you describe our sound? We study, integrate and adapt the various styles of music that we love. We ARE music lovers after all! So it feels natural to draw inspiration from ALL of the different genres we enjoy – from honkey tonk to blues, from funk to country, from jazz to indie rock. Instead of being concerned about sounding a certain way, we just listen (and borrow from) all of the music that makes us move — or as Stevie would say, "makes our hips move"!

And THAT is one GIANT catalog!! At any given time, a listener (with a keen ear) might pick up on elements inspired a variety of amazing musicians, including:

Rural delta blues (Fred McDowell, RL Burnside)
Chicago blues (Big Mama Thornton, Willie Dixon)
Motown (Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles)
Blues-rock (Canned Heat, Steve Miller)
New Wave / Post-Punk (Killling Joke, Love & Rockets)
Modern Alt Rock (The Black Keys, Fitz & the Tantrums)

So, the best way to sum it up? Swig plays the blues with an indie rock attitude — therein the "Indie-Blues".