Birmingham, England, GBR

cold, boring, wet days in the UK versus lyin on the sand in california smoking a fat zoot soakin up the sun


Formed in November 2010, we used to be in another band together which fell apart when the other members left for uni so we started jamming getting some bits of songs together then worked on them for the last 3 months, got a good 6 song set + another 4 tunes we swap in and out then recorded 2 demos with our mates at their flat

We're from Birmingham where music is usally pretty urban influenced which is fine, but we didnt wanna be just another "birmingham band" and we feel our influences come through well in our music and hopefully, hopefully when people hear or read we're from Birmingham they'll say "really!?" thats our first goal! the rest of the goals are pretty much to do with babes and not havin to work