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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Boring and pretentious"

People tooting our horn
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Read what these nice people had to say about our record which is available for only $3 dollars. Send us money.

"Boring and pretentious (the CD title and songs titles like: "Domicile, Where I Live" and "If I were an Action...". Who the fuck do these guys think they are? David Byrne? Avoid.(SSR)" - Scott Soriano, Terminal Boredom - Terminal Boredom

"Swimmers impress mightily"

"Swimmers impress mightily with their debut EP. Any time a band can be compared to such acts as Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu with their very first recorded output, its safe to say you have a winner on your hands. This jagged, disto"rted, cacophonous 15-minute effort hopefully serves as nothing more than a precursor of great things to come. Self-righteous? Probably. Garbage? Not a chance." - Anchors, punknews.org - Punknew.org

"Swimmers - Something We Could Use More Of"

"We Swam As For Behaviour Our Behavior is a fiery jolt of stream-of-conscious electricity--the kind we can always use more of." Zac Pennington, Portland Mercury - Portland Mercury

"Creeping into voids"

"Portland's Swimmers manage to easily creep into the void left by the departure of the Popular Shapes from the NW punk scene. Their maniacal vocals, staccato riffs, hairpin rhythmic turns, and cynical lyrics work well played against stripped-down synth melodies, and they're very reminiscent of our recently split Seattle act. " - Jennifer Marez, The Stranger - The Stranger

"Three Imaginary Swimmers"

"Swimmers run up against it every way they canmelodic one minute, complete chaos the next, antediluvian punk producer Kurt Bloch turning their car jamming into a nightmare commute of drum rolls, vocal shrieks, and runs up and down he frets. It lurches, it burns, and it never gives upjust like you."-Chris Estay, Three Imaginary Girls - Three Imaginary Girls

"Swimmers=System of a Down/Talking Heads"

"Left of center rockers Swimmers have released a five-song sampler highlighting the outfit's penchant for creating noise-laden punk rock nuggets. "Hot Pocket" sounds like the end result of a collaboration between System of a Down and Talking Heads, while "Domicile, Where I Live" provides a tense surf rock vibe under spastic vocals. Jagged, dissonant, and very bouncy in a thrift store t-shirt kind of way, this disc smartly combines the exaltations of a carnival with the omens of a rock 'n roll show firmly in tow, making palatable rock music for the ADD crowd."
-mike sos from 316productions.com

- 316rproductions.com

"Band of sassy children"

[BRAT-CORE] The Swimmers seem like a band of sassy children, as vocalist Matt Nyce, who wears clothes he grew out of years ago, slurs lines about Hot Pockets and Space Mountain through a confused-looking stare, and organist, Amanda Lunsford, bobs along with bouncing pig tails. Lunsford teams up with Collin Jennings' frantic bass lines to create a sound that's reminiscent of the Monks, but fast and highly danceable. And dancing would be advised—Nyce is subject to temper tantrums that can involve smashing your cocktail glass with the microphone. JASON SIMMS. - Willamette Week - Willamette Week

"Low-Mortality Rate Like the B-52s"

"A bizarre yet fitting soundtrack for a stand augmentative surgical procedure with a low mortality-rate gone miserably wrong. High intensity, low fedelity, Grade-A-Quality rock music, with keyboard leanings (or farfisa, like the B-52s), and strong dance tune tendencies. Drifting stylistically toward QUINTRON and MS. PUSSYCAT, SWIMMERS could easily share a log with CHINESE STARS, or tow a raft with Doc Dart and the CRUCIFUCKS, while still maintaining their own unique sound and purpose. Definately a band to watch out for. Excellent." - Brian Stern, Maximum Rock and Roll - Maximum Rock and Roll


"It is an exciting atonal racket, but it has these satisfying, tense, melodic threads that give it a semi-sinister feeling that I really enjoy. It's sort of danceable too. At the best moments I think it reminds me of a cross between Get Hustle and a Defender machine's last throes. " The OdysseyZine.com - theodysseyzine.com

"Really Fucking Great"

Swimmers are really fucking great and are playing what could be their LAST SHOW this Friday. It shouldn't be missed! Fans of Drive Like Jehu or the Cranium should take note. CORIANTON HALE

note: Was not our last show. We have many to come. - The Stranger


"We Swam as for Behavior Our Behavior" - Louisana Purchase

We have received airplay on Kexp (Seattle), Kpsu (Portland), KNDD Young and the Restless (Seattle), KLC (Portland) are the ones that we know of. They are fond of our "Hot Pockets" song


Feeling a bit camera shy


Swimmers are often asked: How about your sound? Could you give a description? They responded musically in the song "If we were an action," stating "If we were an action that action would be swimming" For two years, the core band has been writing songs by trading tapes with their Seattle vocalist, an arduous task much like swimming. This has led the band to develop a "swimmers body", musically speaking, progressing holistically in every aspect of its being: drums, guitar, bass, stage show, songwriting etc. They can now swim mad, crazy- fast, musically speaking.