swimming with Plesiosaur

swimming with Plesiosaur


acoustic rock with spoken word, cello, hip-hop, and other unexpected elements combined into a unique sound.


swimming with Plesiosaur is the self-proclaimed nomenclature of ahnmin lee, an ego-tistical, self-centered, pseudo-wunderkind born in Suwon, Korea, raised in Staten Island, New York and now currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. In a music scene saturated with cliche, copied sounds, unoriginality, hackneyed songs, and artificiality, swimming with Plesiosaur is just another notch in the overwhelming number of boring bands flooding the world with carbon copy music today. though ahnmin makes zealous claims of crossing over genres, fusing eclectic influences, and boiling them together in a stupendously stirred gumbo, this concoction tastes just like the bland tomato soup next in line.
with typical chord progressions of G,D,Em,C, amateur guitar work, sloppy drums, uinteresting time signatures (not ONE song in 7/8!), and its horribly underproduced sound quality, swimming with Plesiosaur's songs can most accurately be described as crap.
ahnmin's musical stylings represent everything that is wrong with the music community today: a talentless go-getter whose love for music convinces his hands to defiantly question, "well, if these guys can do it, what's stopping me?!". said ambitious go-getter then spends stolen money from bank heist on equipment and microphones to record a mediocre album of strange tunes in an environment the least conducive to a “professional sound”… his bedroom.
"Risk and Represent" is an album that bites off of every great musican, band, and artist alive sans a single iota of personal creativity.

and on top of all of this unoriginal, talentless nonsense, ahnmin lee has the audacity to suggest an honesty in his songs rarely found in the media today, even amongst its most self-labeled "honest do-gooders." but who the heck knows? his music still kinda sucks.

and as this interviewer walks away, ahnmin shouts behind me, "but all i wanna do is show them how much my Father really loves them for who they are." confused and uninterested, the interviewer continues to walk away and writes up a tediously ironic bio in hopes that the reader would get it.



Written By: ahnmin lee

my heart calls out to You
up to the sky and through the clouds
to find You in the heavens
my mind tries to make sense of You
to find a simple truth to know You better
in ways i never knew

capsize me
let me drown in Your mighty rivers
i will let go of my sails
and trust that You will lead me to where You are

i will step out of this boat
to meet You on the surface of this sea
i will trust that i will stay afloat
even though the wind frightens me

The Shepherd tends to His flock

Written By: ahnmin lee

dancing and prancing and laughing in my own filth
my skin like burlap stroked by your hand like silk
curly fluffs of hair once white, but now discolored
in brown and black clumps of mud, dirt, mire, and sin smothered
by the broken footsteps of other worn not strong enough shepherds
weary and exhausted from tending complaining cripples and lepers
so how can you look at me so faithfully & lovingly in return
when my sweaty smelly surfaces reek of this earth

and your gracious arms
how tight they curve around my fragility
inside, inbetween
safely and quietly warming me

and You stand careful watch at the cliff's pinnacle
for these dirty and stupid mammals conceited enough to be cynical
primally chasing our impulses like a carrot that connects
to string tied fittingly around the fronts and backs of our necks
so ignorant of Your tending and feeding
is this life we live, in effect, the grace we are receiving
our blindfolds tied willingly became the rag that you used
to clean off the blood from your hands and feet abused
as sunlight pokes through the nailed out holes leaking with red
from the fangs of the wolves you saved us from that tore you to shreds

i repose in green
as Your watchful eyes search for enemies unseen

Rumors of Wars

Written By: ahnmin lee

i've heard many rumors of wars
imperialism rudely knocking down peaceful doors
nation heavily rising against nation
exchanging death for oil while the world sits patient
the ground groans from the pain
the wounds in the sky grow worse and bleed into rain
staining the white flowers into a furious red
it says, "all of you who defied mortality will soon be dead"

the countdown has begun
foreshadows of frightened screams while we run
the beginning will lead to the end
our own fear will become our only friend

the weather has misbehaved, the locusts have flown
the birth pains of the earth have been heard and shown
both brokenness and beauty will halt for every woman and man
it's the Enemy's playground, and he's about to crush his castles of sand

how can i sit still
and rationalize these horrors as Your will?
i am only a foolish man
who cannot ascertain Your perfect plan
but it's difficult to wait
while the world blames You and i defend Your name
knowing You are sovereign and good
and allowing such evil You never would

the ocean is apparently angry
swallowing houses and innocent families
American guns encroach unjustly
contentions of nuclear warfare this must be
the end or at least close to it
shall we begin to aptly rue it?

You said, "Such things must happen"
but why and for what reason?
have i lost perspective again?

even so,
please help me to stand firm until the end.


Risk & Represent - double LP, released February 2006

Set List

if we were to speak
monkey's stubborn hand
the shepherd tends to his flock
shepherd boy
since the son's birth
your eyes are stunning
rumors of wars
knees taste the earth
broken ness, loch part 3

12 songs, an hour to an hour and a half
usually, covers of Ray Charles, Nick Drake, Sigur Ros, or Michael Jackson