swimming with Plesiosaur
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swimming with Plesiosaur

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The best kept secret in music


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Risk & Represent - double LP, released February 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


swimming with Plesiosaur is the self-proclaimed nomenclature of ahnmin lee, an ego-tistical, self-centered, pseudo-wunderkind born in Suwon, Korea, raised in Staten Island, New York and now currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. In a music scene saturated with cliche, copied sounds, unoriginality, hackneyed songs, and artificiality, swimming with Plesiosaur is just another notch in the overwhelming number of boring bands flooding the world with carbon copy music today. though ahnmin makes zealous claims of crossing over genres, fusing eclectic influences, and boiling them together in a stupendously stirred gumbo, this concoction tastes just like the bland tomato soup next in line.
with typical chord progressions of G,D,Em,C, amateur guitar work, sloppy drums, uinteresting time signatures (not ONE song in 7/8!), and its horribly underproduced sound quality, swimming with Plesiosaur's songs can most accurately be described as crap.
ahnmin's musical stylings represent everything that is wrong with the music community today: a talentless go-getter whose love for music convinces his hands to defiantly question, "well, if these guys can do it, what's stopping me?!". said ambitious go-getter then spends stolen money from bank heist on equipment and microphones to record a mediocre album of strange tunes in an environment the least conducive to a “professional sound”… his bedroom.
"Risk and Represent" is an album that bites off of every great musican, band, and artist alive sans a single iota of personal creativity.

and on top of all of this unoriginal, talentless nonsense, ahnmin lee has the audacity to suggest an honesty in his songs rarely found in the media today, even amongst its most self-labeled "honest do-gooders." but who the heck knows? his music still kinda sucks.

and as this interviewer walks away, ahnmin shouts behind me, "but all i wanna do is show them how much my Father really loves them for who they are." confused and uninterested, the interviewer continues to walk away and writes up a tediously ironic bio in hopes that the reader would get it.