Unexpecting changes, from mathmatic riffs to upbeat groves. Catchy choruses that in no way fit into the typical structure of a 'pop song'. Basically they keep you on your toes live and demand your attention from the start of their set to the end, which i think is the most important thing...


SWIMS are a relatively new band risen from the ashes of previous projects from Henry and Frank. When starting this band Frank decided he didnt want to play predictable pop music any more, inspired by groups like 'Colour' they set out writing music that switches parts so intelligently but never confirms to the audiences expectation. What they have accomplished so far for a young band in a small space of time is extraordinary. Supporting bands has been a way for the group to reach new aduiences, playing with bands such as 'Pete and the Pirates', 'Youves', 'The Hornblower Brothers', 'Minnaars' and other similar bands across the south coast and London. Steve Lamacq has played their track 'Hitler was a Bad Man' on his Radio 1 indie weekly at 9 Oclock.
2010 looks to be a good year for the band as they go into the studio through 'On Dry Land' with the Producer Nick Kinnish whos worked with bands in Brighton like 'The Kooks', 'The Maccabees', 'The Go Team' and 'Data Select Party'. Mastering on this project is Sam from the band BlakFish who are making a dent on the British alternative scene themselves.


Future single 'Uri Geller'
'Hitler was a Bad Man' on Steve Lamacqs Indie Weekly.

Set List

'Run On'
'Hitler was a Bad Man'
'Martin 1'
'Sea Bred'
'Uri Geller'

This is a typical set list that last 30 minutes but they have enough matterial to play 45 minutes - an hour (at the minute).