Swindling Gypsies

Swindling Gypsies


Swindling Gypsies is a rock band from the Jersey Shore. It could be described as formulaic, if the formula were x = do whatever you want, and the value of "do whatever you want" could be derived from multiplying odd time signatures by catchy, trans-generic hooks.


It began in a basement, and it'll probably end in a hail of gunfire. Swindling Gypsies are scattered throughout central New Jersey (granted, there's not much room to scatter), convening from time to time to make music.

Midnight Electric drummer Francis "Slugs McKenzie" Valentino and former Furthur guitarist Dan Gagliardi started Gypsies in Fall 2008 when they recorded the rough track that became "The One". A couple of months later, recording resumed, and the canon of tunes flourished

In March 2009, Dan swindled Grant Butts, his former Furthur cohort, into playing lead guitar.

Soon after, Midnight Electric keyboardist and bassist Mark Masefield and Ryan Wheeler (respectively) stepped in to do their share of Swindling, adding a much-needed dynamic and low end to what was, up to that point, exclusively guitar- and wacky, processed percussion-driven music.

The rest, as they say, is the Future.


The Year of Living Dangerously (to be released fall 2010)

Set List

-The One
-Denver Freedom '97
-A Rhapsody of Susannas
-The Cubano Boy (a mouse deer)
-Can't See Mom's Ford
-The Year of Living Dangerously
-Uncle Touchmesome (What's it to Ya?)
-The Parlance of Our Times

-Stay Up Late by Talking Heads
-The Power of Love by Huey Lewis
-(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding by Elvis Costello
-Level by The Raconteurs