Swinger Eight

Swinger Eight


Psychedelic, Experimental Rock. Think Pink Floyd meets Soundgarden. Our songs encompass a wide spectrum. Some are 3 minutes long and some are 8 minutes long but they all are based on solid melodies and grooves while pushing the envelope with musical and sonic improvisation.


Swinger Eight is a three piece psychedelic, experimental rock band from Brooklyn New York. Each member of the group is a native New Yorker. S8 consists of Chris Miskiewicz on guitar and vocals, Christopher Medrano on bass and vocals, and Ozzie Martinez on drums. S8 began in the spring of 2001 and have been playing in the New York area ever since. The group began with a series of 4-track recordings between Chris Miskiewicz and Christopher Medrano in the winter of 2000/2001, and then jelled into the current band after a chance meeting with Ozzie. Swinger Eight's shows have evolved and now vary from wild multimedia performances with live video feeds or VJ's to a more straight forward rock set. S8 has many influences ranging from The Beatles and Pink Floyd, to Yes and Early Genesis, to mid-Late seventies Punk Bands like the Clash and Television, to new wave bands like The Talking Heads and Depeche Mode, to Grunge bands like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins and more experimental music like Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel. Swinger Eight is a band with multiple lead vocalists, not unlike some of the bands that have influenced them. Even Ozzie their Drummer pitches in a lead Vocal on the song "The Heaviness of Rain" off their last album "2:22 AM", Released in November of 2007. S8 has self released three albums so far, "The Swinger Eight EP" (2002) in which the track "On and On" appeared in the 2003 Sundance Award Winning Film "What Alice Found" and "A Division" (2003) which is a 15 song acoustic record which was inspired by the bands original basement recordings, and features several other guest artists. Swinger Eight was asked to play the Main stage at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival in support of the Film. Most recently they released their 3rd record entitled "2:22am" in November of 2007. "2:22am" was produced by Jason Spittle who's credits include They Might Be Giants and the Spike TV network. It was recorded and mixed in several studios in the New York area over the last 4 years, including Coyote Studios and Hardluck Recording in Red Hook Brooklyn. They are currently working on an EP with Jason Spittle for release in September 2008, as well as an online only B-sides EP tenetatively Scheduled for Release in November at Hardluck Recording in Red hook Brooklyn. You can get in Touch with us at Swingereight@gmail.com. You can also hear some of our music at www.swingereight.com. Also you can check us out on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/swingereightnyc. We also have a "music Blog" where you can download free tracks of the music we're currently working on in the studio at http://www.myspace.com/swingereightny. Thanks. We hope you enjoy the music!


Heavy on the Ocean

Written By: swinger Eight

Heavy on the Ocean

Heavy on the ocean
Taste salt water on my tongue
Heavy is this ocean

If Jesus is your savior
Then why are you so sad?
If god is always watching
Does he know that you’ve been bad?

Satisfied and overfed
Diving down below the waterline
Feeling detrimental
To my own beliefs

Lying very still now
My feet both off the ground
Heavy is my ocean
Without any sound…without any sound
Without any sound…without any sound

The Heaviness of Rain

Written By: Swinger Eight

The Heaviness of Rain

I hear voices when I drive,
they call me off the road.
The first one says to go right through the other one to you.

Televisions so damn loud
without making a sound.
I think I want to cook some food,
go right home and lay with you.

Red rope holds up the bumper.
Under the hood there's a lions thunder.
I think I like this view.
Come on man, I know, do you?
I hear voices when I drive they call me off the road.
The first one says to go right through the other one to you.

And I suppose, that there's a minus from this, there’s a meaning to this pain of love.

And I suppose, that everyone gets, that everyone gets old.

You tell me that I look more like me when the tears are streaming, and rolling down my face.

While I'm spending all my time here trying to measure the heaviness of rain.

And I said no. I said no. I said no.
But she said yes, so maybe okay.
If god were a woman…I hope so.
If I fell from grace, would you save my soul?
I love you witch. I love you witch.
I love you witch. Forever and ever.

Film Noir

Written By: Swinger Eight

Film Noir

Listen my friend
I thought you should know
There was someone to the right.

“I guess you could say,
Your mother and me…
You were the product of sin.”

**** *

Wrapped in cold arms
Under the light
Stinking of smoke and bourbon.

She goes at night
wrestling her fears
trying to remember my face.

When they find my skull
Smoking on the pillow
No one will remember my name.


"The Swinger Eight EP" (EP-2002)
"On and On" appeared in the 2003 Sundance Award Winning Film "What Alice Found" (Soundtrack-2003)
"A Division" (LP-2003)
"Film Noir" (Online Single-2006)
"Start Again" (Online Single-2007)
"Open" (Online Single-2007)
"2:22 AM" (LP-November 2007)
"Heavy on the Ocean (Acoustic)" (Online Single-2008)

Set List

Our sets tend to be about 45 minutes to an hour. We occasionally play two sets on a given night or an extended set which would be about an hour and 15 minutes when we have a multimedia performance. A Typical set list would be:
Heavy on the Ocean
Things We Said/Just the Sound
Shadow Song
Hotel Room
2:22 AM