Swingset Champion

Swingset Champion


Swingset Champion is about promoting Love and Hope wherever we go, whether through our music or through talking with fans, everyday we live this out.


We believe that everyone has a purpose and deserves to know that they have worth. We sing about things that people can relate to, the up's and down's of life. We sing about Love. We desire to connect with everyone we can on our travels and at our shows. We live to bring hope and love to an often dark world.


To Those Who Wait... (full length, releasing march 07)
Is This Love EP (06)
Therefore EP (05)
Half Full (full length, 04)

Set List

I am yours,
Reaching for the Aspirin,
Heart To Heart,
I Dream in Technicolor,
Lying Prostrate,
Ready When You Are,
Home Inside My Heart,
(this set is 40 minutes long)

We have sets of 20 to 40 minutes etc.