Swing Shot

Swing Shot


Hardcore, in your face energy, explosive stage presense, a focusing of intense emotions


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SwingShot originally manifested itself in late 1998 to early 1999 under the name Diversified.
After several lineup changes, we have formed a solid brotherhood in our current incarnation.
The new name SwingShot was chosen to reflect the new direction the music has taken over the course of time,
and so you get the swingy metal noise you hear today.
If any one of the five elements is missing, the sound is incomplete.
Drawing on influences that range from every end of the musical spectrum,
from old school thrash to nu-metal bounce, from dancehall swing to hardcore punk,
from classic rock to radio pop, we try to bring something that everyone will feel.

The purpose of music is to convey emotion from one person to another.
What we are trying to make our audience feel is the Human experience that we,
the individual members of Swing Shot have gone through.
We have each suffered our own loss,
the emotional damage we have received from dealing with the death of loved ones,
divorce, substance abuse, break-ups, cancer and a number of other tragedies.
We try to focus all that pain, anger, and sorrow into our musical craft,
attempting to turn something negative into a positive.
Our lateset cd's title 'Loss & Effect' is the result of this attempt.

With concentrated effort, over the past year we have booked at least 4-5 shows every month,
obtained sponsorship from several local businesses, produced and distrubuted all our own merchandise,
including stickers, t-shirts, and with the help of Vision Metal Records,
recorded and produced our debut cd 'Loss & Effect' in early 2005.
We now seek to branch out, expand our fanbase, and become a national, and eventually an international act.


"The Growth Inside Your Mind" (2001) Self Released LP. Recorded at Brimstone Studios, Huntsville Tn.
The Track " The Pit " received airplay on 94.3 xtreme Radio.

"7 Deep" (2002) Self Released Single. Recorded at Underground Studios, Knoxville Tn.
7 Deep was also included in 94.3 xtreme Radio compilation cd, South East Xports S.E.X. Vol. 5
and received airplay for several months

"Diversified" (2004) Self Released 3 song EP. Recorded at The Sound Lair, Knoxville Tn.

"Loss & Effect" (2005) LP Released by Vision Metal Records, Recorded at The Cave, Harrogate Tn.
Songs are available in streaming and mp3 format on www.myspace.com/diversified

Set List

We try to never play the same set twice. Set length varies according to number of bands playing,crowd response and mood and position in the line up.
Set list usually includes:

Shallow & Pedantic
Be Silent

We occasionally include cover versions of songs by bands like,
Ill Nino, System of a Down, Soulfly, Coal Chamber, Korn, and Snoop Dogg.