Swing State

Swing State


progressive songwriting with aggressive music; speed and accuracy, but not too loud. we walk a fine line between almost all rock genre's; have been dubbed "psyche rock"


much time on the part of ian meyer has been spent learning the art of songwriting, and the results show on the latest recording by Swing State, their originals have underground feel, with definite radio format playability. intricate harmony in the double vocals and strings, with throbbing rhythm in the bass and drums. the original songs are worthy of addiction, and the crafted covers are outrageous new takes on popular songs spanning multiple genres in a single track. with an intense stage presence, Swing State is quickly developing an appreciation from both party go-ers and musicians alike...


several demos need not be mentioned....
Swing State "indigo" released in jan. 06

Set List

typically 45- 75 minute sets usually include such original staples as "wuz wunz", "again,again", or "i changed in the comedown", with covers mixed in such as radioheads "optimistic/in limbo", bowie's "space oddity", as well as the absolute hands down(can't seem to get through a single show without a request for) crowd favorite "the legend of zelda"