We are 14, 15, and 16 years old, but don't let that discourage you. we are very serious about our music and are experienced performers. We write our own material and play covers. We are primarily a rock band, with a green day-ish type sound. We look foreward to performing for your occasion.


We are 14, 15, and 16 years old, But dont let that discourage you. We are constantly writing our own material as well as playing covers. We are serious about our music but also have alot of fun. We have a green day-ish sound that is a little different from anything that is mainstream today.


Try Me

Written By: Tyler Roberts

"Try Me"
have you ever wondered what your friends say
when your not around, have you ever
wondered what they say on your worst day,
have you ever considered just how bitter all this
world can be... not just me
ive been pushed around and to the ground but
now lately i have found ,i know, next time your
gonna hit the floor so hard you wont want anymore,
,i know, Try Me
the fire is smoldering more now each and every
day. im just wondering how much you think im
gonna take
. but now your about to see another side of me...
how bad can it be
what do you think now... as i take my bow,
you tried me, chorus 2x

"TRY ME" music and lyrics
written and performed by Tyler Roberts


We have recorded an album at FAME Recording Studio and we also have streaming at www.1055thevulcan.com which is a Birmingham radio station

Set List

We can do a 1 and a half hour set of songs. We play some good charlotte, green day, sum 41, papa roach type stuff, but really dont much get into screamo, metal. Our song list includes but is not limited to: " Kryptonite" : "Boulevard of Broken Dreams": "Blitzkreig Bop": "Wake Me Up When September Ends":" When i Come Around": "Brain Stew": "Waiting": "Little Things" and many others + about 10 great originals.