switchblade scream

switchblade scream


Switchblade Scream are a hard rocking, high energy, good time thrash and roll band from Scotland!!When they play not a single person in the house is sitting, everyone is on their feet having a good time!!!The future is theirs ready for the taking!!!!


Switchblade Scream were formed in the summer of 2007 and have already played their way across the UK and Italy, as well as a slot at 2009's Bloodstock Open Air festival in Derby, England with further touring and festival appearances currently being booked.

Taking musical influences from a wide range of bands of many genres, from heavy metal to hard rock, from classic rock to old school blues, Switchblade Scream have something for everybody in their music!!

Whats different about the band? You wont find another band that has such high energy show's to ensure there is not one person leaving without a huge smile on their face!!

Recently Switchblade Scream have completed recording of their forthcoming EP as well as music video.

After the HUGE internet reaction to the new material, the band are already planning ANOTHER music video for "Paint the Picture", a song which has struck a nerve with everyone who has heard it!!!

Switchblade Scream are the PERFECT band to open for Bon Jovi, not only because they are influenced by the band, but because what better way to start the show than with a young bunch of upcoming guys who want to do nothing more than rock and roll?!


"Taste the Blade" EP, currently untitled latest EP, "Antimatter" single, "Secondary Effects" single.

5 tracks streaming online, Rock Radio airplay on the Tom Russel show.

Set List

1. Intro
2. From Fire
3. Macabre
4. Order of the Gods
5. Antimatter
6. Outrun the Blood (with crowd participation!)
7.Switchblade Scream
8. Paint the Picture
9. Secondary Effects


10. Wild Child (W.A.S.P cover)

11. Kickstart My Heart/We will rock you medley (motley crue/queen cover)