Switch Dash Blade
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Switch Dash Blade

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Ephect, MVL, Jay Paul, NRG, Switch-Blade, Dropoff Records, Stash House Records, DJ Balo
Spin Nightclub, 6308 Guilford Ave.
Saturday, April 5, 9 p.m., $5, 21+

Naptown’s hip-hop artists don’t sit around and wait for some bigwig to give them a break. They break it off themselves. Such is the case with Indianapolis artist and entrepreneur J. Fullen, more popularly known as Ephect. He’s part of the new wave of talent in the local hip-hop scene that is more interested in collaborating than battling, and that is thereby strengthening the hip-hop community.

“You’ve got to branch out farther than just being an artist,” says Ephect, who also helps run a recording studio on the Eastside. “I love that part of it as much,” referring to the countless hours not only put into managing his own projects, but also those of the other artists on his label, New Method Productions.

Ephect chooses the artists he works with carefully, basing his decisions on how much the drive of those artists measures up to his own. He says that there’s a lot of “talent” and “hunger” in Indianapolis, “but you’ve got to be real with what you’re talking about.” The majority of the performers on Saturday’s lineup will be New Method Productions artists.

Ephect’s production is not only heard on tracks by rap artists on his label, - NUVO


Reppin NMP-Switch Dash Blade
Slide Down-Switch Dash Blade
The Interception Album-Switch Dash Blade
Just LIke That-Ephect
Facing The Truth Album-Ephect
The Shawdow Album-NRG aka KOZ




Switch Dash Blade is a New Method Productions rap artist who was born and raised on the Eastside of the N.A.P., so he represents Indianapolis to the fullest. Switch Dash Blade writes about the truth of the streets, racism, politics, justice, and life as he knows it.
Switch Dash Blade plans to break bread with the ghetto if he makes a meal ticket and once he gets money, he intends to help disadvantaged felons obtain gainful employment and sufficient housing. Switch Dash Blade is using his stepping stone to open doors to make positive changes in impoverished, destitute urban areas.