Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
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Switches are your favorite band. Only with more sing along parts. And more parts in each song. And less guitar solos. And more women. And more lazer ray power. From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, playing Romantic Soul’d Out Punk Rock n’ Roll


A cohesive ball of energy and gritty punk infused garage rock, Switches sing out sweaty and sweetly about dear roommates and laser ray power adventures. Since  2013, the band hailing from Edmonton, Alberta has created rock that will have you shouting out to the harmonized hooks and dancing to the clamor of raw wailing vocals, doo wop and 60’s organ. The band’s 2013 EP  made top ten lists across the country, and brought their shouty, romantic punk rock to venues, festivals, parties and alleys across Western Canada. The foursome released their debut full length album “I just wanna” in fall 2014, coinciding with a successful western Canada tour. 

Switches started in 2012 by Tara McMahon (guitar and lead vocals) and Tamar Diner (drums and backup vocals), two women who had played in several bands before but were looking for a way to express their own unique songwriting vision. The band was solidified whenAngela Mason (bass 2012-2013) and Stefan Opryshko (keys) agreed to join the group. 2013 saw local shows, festivals, a tour and an EP release before Mason moved on to Portland, Oregon. The bass duties were temporarily filled by Caity Fisher (who is on the recordings for I Just Wanna) before Marlaena Moore stepped in to finalize the new lineup. 

With psychedelic sing-alongs perfect for late night drives down deserted highways, switches songs pay homage to the history of iconic punk rock anthems. Pulling the listener out of their chair to twist the night away before pushing beyond the garage rock sphere and blasting the speakers with shouting choruses. 

Switches should be played at full volume with full knowledge that it will be addictive.


Switches EP 2013

I Just Wanna- full length- 2014