Switch Griffens

Switch Griffens

 San Diego, California, USA
BandHip Hop

"Switch Griffens is the truth! Dope Beats, dope rhymes and a definite "IT" factor. Church!" Jericho Adams. Interscope Geffen A&M Marketing.Switch was nominated at the San Diego Music awards in 2002 and 2003. Switch Griffens, an indie professional recording artist that can rap, produce, and sing.


Switch Griffens, birth name Quincy Michael Griffin De La Cerna, was born into a military family in 1980. Beginning in Rota, Spain, Switch's birthplace, he spent most of his early years traveling around the world before finally settling in Southern California at the age of 12. Switch had numerous musical influences throughout his life, most notably his step-father, who’s background as a D.J. during the 80’s influenced his love of early hip hop as well as R&B, Jazz, and 80’s pop music. Along with his passion for these genres, his experiences traveling resulted in a love for others like Flamenco and Classical music. However, “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ EZ-ROC was the song that truly made him appreciate the art of hip-hop. Recollections of this song resonating from his fathers turntables gave way to a life dedicated to making hip hop his life’s work. Today Switch has a living room full of his step-fathers original vinyl which he received after his parents divorced in the 90’s. His grandmother is of Filipino decent was born in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. His mother was also a hula dancing instructor and similarly to most of the women on his mothers side, was deeply rooted in the Hawaiian culture. Switch learned how to play classical guitar and acquired the basic principles of music theory early in his career. His experience with the instrumental side of music enabled him to truly understand songwriting and enabled him to better express himself through music. Thus, Switch Griffen’s extremely unique style derived from his culturally enriched background and diverse upbringing. Switch Griffen’s hands on style as an artist has allowed for him to evolve as a songwriter, as well as in aspects such as arrangement and production to name a few. Switch and his producer Deville Slim were involved with all of the production on nearly every original track on his newest mix-tape, “The Answer”, expected to be dropped some time in early 2012.


The Answer Mixtape

Smoke Signalz Lp

Mental Criminals Ep

Tigers Temple Compilation

The Drifters Ep

CTC "This Is Raw" feature with Romanian rap group

Crate Digger Mixtape by Scion-Toyota

San Diego Colleagues Mixtape

Set List

0. Intro
1. Time Is Money
2. Holla At Me
3. Serious Games
4. These Streets
5. I Dont Believe You
6. Tell Me
7. So Close

30 minute set