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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
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"SWITCHMEN ~ Around Town"

The Lexington, KY-based trio of Chad Dickerson (guitar and vocals), Paul Mojonnier (bass), and Brian Bauer (drums) formed the self-described Appalachian/roots rock band the Switchmen in 2009. The trio released their critically praised debut effort $2 Pistol in 2010, and as a result they wound up sharing stages with the likes of acts such as Cage the Elephant, Jesco White, Moon Taxi, Sick Puppies, and others. And interestingly enough, the band has played in front of inmates of the Kentucky State Penitentiary.

In 2012, their single “Rambunctious” was released to critical praise nationally with several blogs praising the song for it’s mesh of blues, rock and swagger.

The band continues their reputation for their swaggering, bluegrass, old school rock sound, as you’ll hear on their latest single “Around Town,” which may appear on a forthcoming full-length, slated for release sometime this year. Strangely, the track kind of reminds me of Days of the New — if you were coming of age, you might remember that they had one big album back in 95 or 96 — a band, that was also based out of Kentucky, if i’m not mistaken; however, these guys are the real deal, and the song manages to kick ass. - The Joy of Violent Movement

"Incognito Pick of the Week: SWITCHMEN"

Welcome to another Incognito pick of the week. If you’ve never checked it out before, this is where I cast genre aside and present something that I really dig.

This Nashville band sent me a message inviting me to check out the new song “Around Town.” So I did. Now before I get into the sound of this band, allow me to say that in its introduction the band referenced Appalachian roots and that “Switchmen boasts the sounds of unapologetic, Shotgun-Fed Rock ‘n Roll.” I have to be honest, loyal reader, I would not have known what shotgun-fed rock n roll sounds like if I hadn’t listen to this song.

If you’re looking for a good baseline comparison for this band, Five Horse Johnson is a good place to start. However, that’s a pretty incomplete comparison. Sure, this band works a groove as well as Five Horse Johnson and has the same sort of growling vocals, but it puts a little more southern rock and blues into it. Instead of sitting here and telling you how awesome this song is (and it is), I’m just going to invite you to listen to it yourself. After all, don’t you want to know what shotgun-fed rock n roll sounds like? I’ll tell you one thing: I can’t wait to hear what this band does next. - Incognito Music Magazine


Nashville, by way of Kentucky, rockers Switchmen have dropped a new single, “Around Town”, and it’s what those of you out there that revel in americana inspired rock n’ roll have been clamoring for. The tune was produced in Nashville by Rafe Van Hoy, who wrote a plethora of #1′s in the 80′s and has done work for Fleetwood Mac and George jones and David Allen Coe. So, go ahead and get your fix with “Around Town” below.

Nashville, while you are at it, you can go ahead and mark your calendars for an 8 off 8th warm up at The High Watt on February 10th and February 24th at The Basement. Dig. - No Country For New Nashville


On new song ‘Around Town’ Switchmen sound like someone’s taken rural American rock music, marinaded it in a barrel of Bourbon for twenty years, then released it into the world. They’re what early Kings of Leon only dreamt of being, and must surely have an invitation to Jack White’s studio coming up. The single is out February 4th. - SupaJam

"Swtichmen featured on Under the Radar's Digital Sampler"

Switchmen featured in Under the Radar Magazine's SXSW/2011 Preview issue on the digital sampler alongside the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, Foster the People, Cut Copy and more. - Under the Radar Magazine

"Radio Gets Wild Review"

The Switchmen

I have had the pleasure of listening to the album $2 Pistol and found every track easy to listen to and really enjoyable. The music is played with feeling and meaning and it comes across in every track. These guys play the music from the heart and are accomplished musicians.

I wish The Switchmen every success with the album and their future projects and is a pleasure to give them airplay on Radio Gets Wild.

Dee Chapman
Artist Promotions Director
Radio Gets Wild
London, UK - Radio Gets Wild


Who are the Switchmen?
Chad – Switchmen is a 3 piece hard rock band hailing from Lexington, KY.

How long have you been a band?
Chad – The musical gods passed us on 08.29.2009

Where did the name come from?
Chad – Seth and I were sitting at a bar, talking about older times
when people bootlegged whiskey and what not, and we were thinking back to prohibition and the days of the likes of Al Capone, and we simply googled something like alcohol transport during prohibition, and there a bit down the page was SWITCHMEN and we just looked at each other and said “Yeah, that one.”

How would you describe your sound?
RetMod Rock with a touch of Bluesgrass

Who are some of your individual influences?
Chad – Most everything that makes a sound.
Seth – I started out listening to punk rock bands like NOFX and Pennywise in grade school. Now I’m down to jam anything: J.S. Bach, Stanton Moore, Red Hot Chilipeppers, Murder By Death, and Oceana just to name a few.
Tyler – Led Zeppelin, Hendrix Experience, Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band

Who are your collective influences? (What music do you all agree on?)
Chad – Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Sex
Seth – Zeppelin
Tyler – Zeppelin, Pearl Jam

What part of KY are you from?
Chad – Sandy Hook, a small town in Eastern KY that is home to less than 2,000 people. Also the birthplace of Keith Whitley.
Seth – Paducah, KY; the quilt capitol of the world. Thousands of blue haired old ladies come from around country one week out of every year in the worlds largest kniiting circle.
Tyler – Winchester, Ky

What is the Switchmen songwriting process?
Chad – Make noise until the noise sounds like music. I try to always carry a guitar and journal wherever I go. Sometimes you write at the most unsuspecting times, others I try to say ok, I’m gonna sit down at 5 o’clock today and see what’ in me.
Seth – In the beggining Chad had all these songs and Tyler and I just
put parts to it. Now that we warming up to playing with each other we
are starting to jam out during practice and uncover some great ideas
for songs.
Tyler – Lay down beats to whatever the mad men come up with.

How do you promote the band?
Chad – We promote the band in every possible facet, primarily inviting
girls to sleep with Seth and from there they bitch so much everyone
knows about SWITCHMEN. Also through about every social media outlet
you can think of and some you probably can’t.
Seth – Im always stapling flyers to all the telephone poles around
UK’s campus, leaving handbills at coffee shops. My favorite way to
promote is to put your name somewhere people dont expect it. While
everyone was camped outside Memorial Coliseum waiting for Big Blue
Madness tickets I stapled promo flyers for our Album, $2 pistol being
on iTunes in all the porto potties that had been set up. Everybody
was forced to stare switchmen in the face while they took a shit.
Tyler – I paint myself with Switchmen colors and run around town
humming the songs.

Favorite KY venues? KY bands?
Chad – Buster’s Billiards and Backroom
Seth – Rudyard Kipling, its like really old and has an underground,
1920's speakeasy type feel.
Tyler – Livestock Cafe

Future goals of the band?
Chad – To not have to get a day job. To make music for a living. See
this earth. Share some sounds with people. Make a difference. Make
a lot of good music. Oh yeah, maybe save the radio too.

Notable achievements? e.g. Radio airplay, recording contract, tours?
Chad – We are currently streamed over 4 continents on several internet
radio stations, and have received physical airplay here in Lexington
and also Memphis Tennessee. We hope to embark on our first tour in Spring/Summer 2011.

What’s the vibe onstage during a live show?
Chad – Good times. Kick Ass Rock ‘n’ Roll. Then a little Cello. Whiskey.
Seth – definite energy, we dont write set lists and we write songs on
stage or play covers we’ve never practiced. A Switchmen always needs
to be 3 steps ahead to keep up with all the crazy guitar tones,
instrument swaps, and jaegar bombs
Tyler – I black out.

Best/worst show? Hell gigs?
Seth – Our first show was pretty bad. Chad was all hyped up about it
and had “a few” jaeger shots at the adjacent bar with the owner before
the gig. Some punk rock kids kept flippin us the bird and saying fuck
you during guitar and drum solos. There was an “altercation” with the
punk rock kids..

What is your target audience?
Chad – Most everyone I think can take something away from the
SWITCHMEN sound. If we had to select a target, I would say the 18-24
year old age range. Thankfully, a lot of those people are female.
That’s pretty cool.
Seth- creative people that are down for something new
Tyler – Divorcees

Do you have merchandise and recordings?
Chad – Our debut album $2 Pistol is available now on iTunes and other
major digital media outlets. We have a nice selection of merchandise,
including wristbands an - KYGROOVE.COM

"$2 Pistol Receives 3.5 out of 4 Stars"

3.5 out of 4 stars

If you’re a Led Zeppelin or Pearl Jam fan, you’ll dig SWITCHMEN. They’re a hard rock band with a little acoustic bluegrass thrown in for flavor. I love it! The track titled “Baptized” gives you that full heavy metal sound with dense bass and features a dynamic guitar solo. I replayed the song to listen to the solo again. Excellent musicianship.

Vocalist Chad Dickerson takes us inside the softer side of the band with “Roses”. I love the tone of his voice. Although I recommend the entire album, “Roses” is my fave. The song’s composition and lyrics are amazing. I’m always a sucker for good lyrics! These guys take you on a ride up and down, in and out with their debut album, “$2 Pistol”. People, let’s do our part to bring back really good music and buy this album, you’ll be glad you did.
- IAE Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Reveling in their Appalachian roots, Switchmen boasts the sounds of unapologetic, shotgun-fed Rock n Roll. Nashville-based by way of Kentucky, the rock trio has a knack for tastefully mixing a slew of influences from edgy rock to raw blues, and even a polished touch of classical undertones.

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