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Duncan, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter





Switch releases the music video for “What’s Wrong With Me” directed by Forbez. This is Switch’s first drop off of his new album “Sonic Therapy” available everywhere music is streamed. Beat Produced by Yeshintae.

STREAM THE LP HERE - Billboardsound

"Switch - "Sonic Therapy""

“Well Sonic Therapy to me is the ability to use music as a healthy form of coping with life. I can’t front though I didn’t come up with the title, one of the beats that actually didn’t end up making this album was intended to be on it was called sonic herbal therapy haha so I just shortened it and Yesh liked it.. “

Recently there has been discussions on mental health. What is your definition of mental health, what do you think is the best treatment for people with mental health concerns or coping with life? What about music helps you cope with life? What works for you?
“word my definition of mental health is just really how someone feels ya know emotionally. treatment obviously varies based on the condition, some require medication some do not i find almost all mental health concerns improve with some form talk therapy not necessarily in a professional setting but just talking about it. What helps me coping with life is music and weed hahah and my girlfriend. Some days are easier than others for sure Music helps me because I get something positive out of often negative experiences and or thoughts, it turns a negative into a positive and you always have something tangible by the end which is what makes it all worth it, accomplishing something always feels good, there is a lot to accomplish with music. “

Are there any new producers you are working with on this project? Who did you work with on this project?
“Yea fam this project is actually all produced by Yeshintae the homie from California, we’ve been working together for about ten years now so everything is down to a science. I have two features on this project, zzzthesleepyhustler and prada west..”

How would you say your sound had evolved into this project. Give us a brief timeline/snapshot of your personal progression?
“Word fam well this project was actually recorded over a long period of time. Some of the songs intended for this project ended up on Dirt On My Hands. Originally this was a 14 track LP, but is now just 8 songs… So all in all this projects been in the works almost a year. It’s mostly lo-fi dark kinda shit, style of it’s own really..”

Anything you want to update people with? Recently you went on tour, how was that? Which tracks did you enjoy performing the most? Do you see more live shows in your future?
“Tour was dope fam, currently setting up another tour actually, most likely will just do BC and then Canada wide after that! I just want to say get the album! It’s dope and once it’s out which is THIS Saturday June 15th, all the videos will follow! I like to perform different tracks at different venues, but ‘colours’ always hits live that and ‘once again’.

Any particular songs off Sonic Therapy you like the most? Why? How would you describe this project?
“I like a-lot of the songs, but my fav is probably ‘stay focused’ or ‘try harder’ I like that joint a lot too. I guess stay focused is my fav because of the layering and the mixing, the beats crazy and I really like what I said on that song, some of my best writing. I would describe this project as new age old school hip hop haha if that makes sense. It’s got a lot of elements of the new school but some old school boom bap lo-fi production, its different then anything else out right now”

Anybody you want to shoutout/thank on this project?
“I want to thank Yesh for blessing me with all these beats and Teus for mixing it and making it sound exactly how it’s suppose to that dudes a genius”

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"Back up ft Prada West"

Coming off of Switch’s Most Recent LP Sonic Therapy (Stream Here) , Switch releases a new music video for “Back Up” ft. Prada West. This track was produced by Yeshintae who has been consistently feeding switch dope beats. This music video was done by Forbez . Prada West goes hard on this track and definitely the right artist for this track, and a collaboration with Switch. Switch stays on top of his game with releasing music and videos. In this video switch also features weed by New Highland Farms . Stay on the lookout for switch and make you stream the LP SONIC THERAPY below! or LInkTREE

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Still working on that hot first release.



Switch is a rapper from B.C., Canada who started writing music at a very early age. He began his path as an artist when he recorded his first songs at the age of 13. Since then he has been creating music and collaborating with many artist.

He has performed at over 115 live shows for artist like Mobb Deep, the Outlaws, MadChild, R.A. the Rugged Man, Bender of Flight Distance and Merkules, to name a few. He has gone on 2 tours. On his most recent tour in Alberta, Canada, he visited 4 cities and was successful in terms of audience size and revenue.

He has released 10 projects, produced 4 albums and created EPs. His music is available on all sites where music is streamed. Accompanying his releases, he has created over 40 music videos with various videographers from BC and Alberta available on his YouTube channel. 

Switch has been recording at Independent Generation Studio, in Nanaimo, British Columbia, with Audio Engineer, Teus Derosa since 2016. They have completed and released 4 projects and continue to craft new projects together. Including the many collaborations Switch has recorded with other artists, he has recorded, in total, over 150 songs at Independent Generation Studios. 

Since he began creating music, Switch has used social media to promote his tracks and has learnt many strategies for promoting music. His has grown his Instagram account to 12,466 followers with an average of 600 likes a post and his Facebook artist page has collected over 3000 likes over the last 2 years. He uses social media posts and stories (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube etc…) , email lists, blog placements and repost to spread new content to as many real people as possible. Since claiming his Spotify account in January, 2019, Switch has accumulated 418 followers and over 7000 monthly listeners. He has 1700 Youtube subscribers and over 290,000 total views since beginning his channel.

His ambition is to become a self supporting Artist, and to continue releasing high quality content that is well received and respected.

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