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Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Switchpin *One Sheet*"

• EP – ‘5200 RPM’ (Self Released 6-1-08) 3k units to date
Co-produced by Ahrue Luster (ill Nino / Machine Head)

• Album ‘…the truest form of flattery’ (Self Released 6-22-04 6k units sold by 4-3-08) (Distributed by The Orchard)
• Jagermeister Sampler CD ( 25k units distributed by 4-3-08 )
• FMQB Compilation CD ( 25k units distributed by 2-2-08 )
• Zippo Hot Tour CD Sampler ( unknown distro ) 2005
• Jam up the Poudre Compilation CD ( unknown distro )
• Just Promotions Sampler CD (5k units distributed by 4-3-05)
• Raw Aggression Metal Compilation CD (2k units by 4-3-05)

• Album ‘Redemption’ (Self Released)
• Garageband.com Records Compilation CD
• KCRT 92.5FM-Powersurge Radio’s Compilation CD
• Jam up the Poudre Compilation CD
• Statusburn Compilation CD
• KCRT 92.5FM-Powersurge Radio’s Compilation CD
• StreetTeamer.net’s Compilation Mailer

National Tour Support
Switchpin has supported/toured with national acts:

• 36 Crazyfists – Airbourne – Black Tide - Chimaira - Diecast
• Dry Kill Logic - Disturbed – Dragonforce
• 5Finger Death Punch - Machine Head – Killswitch Engage
• Mastodon – Hatebreed – Type O Negative
• 3 Inches Of Blood – Staind – Hurt – 3 Days Grace
• Slayer – Walls Of Jericho – Slipknot • Stone Sour – Lacuna Coil – Shadows Fall
• God Forbid – Full Blown Chaos - Trivium
• Mushroomhead – In Flames – Union Underground
• EkoTren – Hemlock – ill Nino – Unearth
• American Head Charge – Dope
• Drowning Pool

Air Play
• 60,000 + song plays on Myspace
• 1,400 + video plays on Myspace
• 2,500 + video plays on Youtube
• KCSS 91.9 FM- Modesto CA
• KTCL 93.3 FM - Denver CO
• QUER 104.6 FM – Karlsruhe Ger.
• KBPI 106.7 FM - Denver CO
• KILO 94.3 FM – Colorado Springs CO
• Bizarre Radio - Langenfeld Ger.
• KCSU 95.6 FM – Ft. Collins CO
• KRFX 103.5 FM – Denver CO
• KCRT 92.5 FM - Pueblo/Trinidad CO
• XM Satellite Radio (Liquid Metal)
• KBDI Channel 12 TV - Denver
• HDNet (The High Def Network)
• Over 150 internet radio stations

Fan Base
(For more info, feel free to visit PollstarOnline.com, all concert statistics are posted weekly)
• 14.400 + friends on Myspace
• Please refer to the Venues page enclosed to view the many cities and states that Switchpin has toured.
• First show ever, sold out The Bluebird Theater (Denver CO), max capacity 375 head count was 400+
• Largest show so far 7-20-08 Rockstar Mayhem Fest @ Fiddler’s Green *sold out* 18,000 + cap
• Sold out Gothic Theatre Denver, CO Headlining 8-22-08 • Regularly headlines 1300 max capacity venues in Denver CO.
• Average show draws 700 to 900 heads in the Colorado regional area.
• Averages 900+ daily hits on their web site, www.Switchpin.com / redirect to Myspace
• Boasts a very large mailing list
• Sells an average of $200 to $400 in merchandise at live shows

• Dunlop Mfg. • Jagermeister
•ESP Guitars
• Silverfox Percussion
• Basson Sound • Dirtbag Clothing Co.
• Spaun Drum Co..
- Switchpin

"Switchpin *Venues Played*"

Fiddler’s Green – Denver, CO
Fillmore Auditorium – Denver CO
Bluebird Theater – Denver CO
Ogden Theater – Denver CO
Gothic Theater – Denver CO
Aztlan Theater – Denver CO
Cervante’s Ballroom – Denver CO
Soiled Dove – Denver CO
Herman’s Hideaway – Denver CO
Climax Lounge – Denver CO
Sportsfield Roxxx – Denver CO
Benders - Denver CO
Sherman Event Center – Denver CO
PinkE’s – Westminster CO
The North Door – Lakewood CO
Ecks Saloon – Lakewood CO
Whiskey Bills – Lakewood CO
Iliff Park Saloon – Aurora CO
Bottoms Up – Aurora CO
MVP’s – Aurora CO
Cat’s House – Aurora CO
No Excuses – Arvada CO
Fat City – Littleton CO
Woody’s – Ft Collins CO
Starlight Theater – Ft Collins CO
Aggie Theater – Ft Collins CO
Mishawaka Amphitheater – Ft Collins CO
Insomnia – Greeley CO
T-Birds – Greeley CO
32 Bleu – Colorado Springs CO
The Gardens – Colorado Springs CO
Paradise City – Colorado Springs CO
First Draft Choice – Colorado Springs CO
Chief Theater – Pueblo CO
The Sports Gardens – Pueblo CO


The Viper Room – Los Angeles, CA
Roosters Roadhouse – Alameda, CA
Jerry’s Pub – Bakersfield, CA
Freak Fest – Bakersfield, CA
UoP – Stockton, CA
Time Out – Concord, CA
On The Y – Sacto, CA
Last Day Saloon – Santa Rosa, CA
Cheers – Vacaville, CA
Club Savvy – Boise, ID
Conan's – Portland, OR
Wetlands Pub – Eugene, OR
DV8 – Salt Lake, UT
The Element – Salt Lake, UT
Fat Tire Saloon – Salt Lake, UT
Ranch Bowl – Omaha, NE
Sokol Auditorium – Omaha, NE
The Rock – Las Vegas, NV
Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
Chasers – Scottsdale, AZ
Club Static – Phoenix, AZ
The Oak Tree – Augusta, KS
Fuzion – Topeka, KS
Boobietrap – Topeka, KS
The Game – Wichita, KS
The River’s Edge – Wichita, KS
The Shamrock – Wichita, KS
PJ’s – Manhattan, KS
The Bunker – Kansas City, MO
Star Central – Minneapolis, MN
Jesters – Helena, MT
Corner Pocket – Orange, CT
The Kave – Bucksport, ME
Sad Café – Plaistow, NH
The PAL – Fall River, MA
Arnada – Vancouver, WA
Daddy O’s – Casper, WY
American Legion – Casper, WY
Iowa Metalfest – Des Moines, IA
Rushmore Arena – Rapid City, SD
- Switchpin

"The Truest Form Of Flattery"

Formed in 2001 and hailing from Colorado‚ Switchpin have already established themselves as being a truly dynamic force in the new breed of metal. They have managed to achieve the coveted status of sponsorship from Jagermeister and have shared the stage with many heavyweights such as Slayer‚ Machine Head‚ Killswitch Engage‚ 36 Crazyfists‚ Mastodon and God Forbid but to name a few. Sharing the bill with such titans as these immediately shows that we can expect something brutal in the form of an album. ’The Truest Form Of Flattery’ is the offering in question‚ and with this we get far more than just brutality‚ we get aggression‚ power and passion. These guys are not crashing the party for these giants‚ they’re throwing it.

Sod the clichés‚ trends and image of modern metal‚ Switchpin don’t care. They don’t want to fit into any pigeon hole or comply to any rules‚ they want to take the metal scene and ram their way slap bang into the middle of it. It’s a one finger salute to the ’I wanna be metal culture’. This is Metal‚ full stop.

This is a complete and rounded album‚ offering enough variation to keep any listener happy. ’Relapse’ kicks off and lets you know that you should sit up and take notice. Killer riffs and guitar work. It’s a track that offers total urgency‚ the vocal combination of breathless clarity and Slipknot-esque brutality thunder through you. It makes you think that these guys are the product of some bizarre experiment with Machine Head‚ Spineshank and Slayer. ’The Dance Between Heaven and Angels’ is aggression through and through. It is pacey and threatening with awesome hooks. It’s a real stand out track on the album.

’Imitation’ is an instant mosh pit generator. It is a track that demands that you go mental and throw yourself into the nearest person. If you haven’t brought up a sweat listening to this one‚ then you need your ears and head testing. The tempo changes give you momentary breaks to get your breath back‚ but its not long before you are back to hurling yourself around like a loony. ’Into The Sun’ is more vocally challenging‚ and gives you more of a chance to analyse Jon’s vocals‚ which to be fair at times seem to fade into the mix a little too much on this one. A bass driven middle section fills you with doom‚ until the guitars and vocals kick back in. Not the strongest of tracks‚ but by no means bad.

’Unaminity’ sees the band go acoustic. It’s raw and pleasant‚ showing a further side to these guys. There is still an edge to the track in its simplicity and the fact that it is not overproduced. ’Artificial Self’ is a return to form and to the previous formula of big guitars and riffs. It has an almost ethnic feel to the intro vocals before full ’Kick The Crap Out Of You’ vocals and guitars kick in. ’The Way It Was’ is a partial ballad style track. Opening with mellow guitars and vocals it is only part way into the track that we are given distorted guitars‚ yet we still maintain the clarity of the vocals. It is a track that is very reminiscent of Staind. Not the most stand out track on the album‚ but again showing another string to Switchpin’s bow.

’A Breakdown In Silence’ Is Switchpin’s brutal best. Blistering and uncompromising‚ a track that shakes your soul with the gut wrenching vocals‚ killer guitar and a tireless rhythm section. My only criticism of the track is that it ends too quickly. ’Falling Short Of Niothing’ is another great effort from the guys‚ again with vocals that would not be amiss on a Staind album in the majority‚ but with the addition of more aggressive guitars and the occasional gut wrenching‚ blood curdling full force vocal contribution.

’2nd To Last’ reminds us of what Switchpin are really capable of. It’s a huge boot to the family jewels‚ leaving you momentarily crippled. It is an attempt to rip you apart through your ears. It’s a track to scare the crap out of your neighbours and rid you of any unwanted door to door callers. ’Modern Day Tragedy’ rounds off this musical journey‚ it is a track that starts slowly and you expect it to kick into full force brutality at any moment. Sadly it fails to really do so until far too late in the song. It is a half decent track but you really want the album to leave you on a high with the likes of ’2nd to last’‚ ’A Breakdown in Silence’ or ’Imitation’. The power of this track comes from the lyrical content rather than the music.

As a whole this is a really good album. It has a tendency to lose it’s focus at points‚ but it offers a well rounded musical journey with Switchpin as your maniac driver. As the band says themselves … ’This is your wake up call’‚ and that’s what it is. It is an album that defies the constrains of the metal genre‚ these guys are doing what they want with sledgehammers and you would be a fool not to take note.
- onemetal.com


Redemption (2003) - Tracks Available at Switchpin.com

The Truest Form Of Flattery (Full length) - Available most everywhere, mp3's available on www.myspace.com/switchpin

5200 RPM (EP) 2008 Co-produced by Ahrue Luster (ill Nino / Machine Head)



Buried deep in the snowcapped mountains of Colorado, a distant rumble breathes life to a new breed of dynamic metal; a quintet by the name of Switchpin. Formed in May of 2001, Switchpin is Jason LeBaron (vocals), Pat Anderson (drums), Billy Thompson (guitars), Eric Bloomquist (guitars), and Geoff Frantz (bass). Fusing together modern alternative heaviness akin to the likes of Chimaira, American Head Charge, etc. spiked with their own brand of melody, thunderous riffs, and a crushing rhythm section, Switchpin leave no stone unturned in their quest to turn the tides of metal warfare from a whiter shade of pale to a murky somber black. Or a somewhat sunny day, depending on the song.

Since landing a covetous band sponsorship from Jagermeister and the famed JagerMusic Band Program, Switchpin have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with most of metal’s elite:
36 Crazyfists – Airbourne – Black Tide - Chimaira - Diecast - Dry Kill Logic -Disturbed – Dragonforce - Five Finger Death Punch - Machine Head – Killswitch Engage - Mastodon – Hatebreed –
Type O Negative - 3 Inches Of Blood – Staind – Hurt – 3 Days Grace - Slayer – Walls Of Jericho – Slipknot - Stone Sour – Lacuna Coil – Shadows Fall -God Forbid – Full Blown Chaos - Trivium - Mushroomhead – In Flames – Union Underground - EkoTren – Hemlock – ill Nino – Unearth -
American Head Charge – Dope - Korn – Linkin Park – Drowning Pool - Snoop Dogg.

Inspired and built upon by the likes of Sepultura, Slayer, Pantera, Switchpin is the middle finger to the music business that is a now cliché homogeneous mix of trends, and images. This five-piece is what your mother doesn’t want you to listen to.

Flaunting such a powerful resume of “Bands Played With”, the swank doesn’t stop there
– June, 2008 saw the release of EP “5200 RPM” co-produced by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, Machine Head)
– June, 2004 saw the release of Switchpin’s first full length DIY effort, “…The Truest Form Of Flattery”. Produced by Switchpin, and Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage) TFOF expands on the band’s personal feelings, and pent up emotion. The effort continues a tradition of heavy, where “Redemption” (2003) has left off.

Switchpin are constantly on a strict touring regiment, winning fans over nationwide breaking into both the West and East coasts, and laying waste to the Mid-West, their 7 states in 9 days ‘No Coast, Whore-Core Tour’ was a testament to the work ethic put forth by these select group of musicians. In 2008 the band played for tens of thousands of fans as a part of the Spring 2008 Jagermeister MusicTour, then on to The Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. 2009 will see its fair share of Switchpin.

The quiet place? An end? There isn’t one - clearly the bands impetuous streak has not been quelled yet. With new material always in the works. Switchpin is gearing up to take their musical destruction into overdrive. A foreseeable trail of empty beer cans, ravaged women, and fans stricken with awe is what this breakdown in silence is all about. Forget about the way it was, and prepare for the onslaught that is Switchpin. – For more information on the band, head to www.switchpin.com