Swivel Chairs

Swivel Chairs


Songwriting duo Jason Brown and Jeremy Grites write gem-like indie pop songs that range into alt-country and new wave. Live and on record they are joined by friends from bands like Audible, Trolleyvox, Rachels, Sol-Mo, Marah, and Matt Pond PA


The Slow Transmission is an album born of a friendship and musical partnership that has lasted more than a decade. Over that time, the Swivel Chairs song-writing duo of Jeremy Grites and Jason Brown have polished their craft through numerous self-released cassettes; CD-R albums; compilation tracks; several split albums and EPs with bands like Audible (Polyvinyl) and Matty Charles & the Valentines; and the acclaimed 2004 indie-pop album �A Late Day For Regrets� on Portland OR�s Paisley Pop label.

The Slow Transmission is the first fruit of a two year creative burst that saw the musical partners write and record nearly 40 songs. The album is packed with a memorable collection of songs that range stylistically from retro guitar-pop to alt-country, new wave and folk-rock. The album's cohesion comes from the sharply crafted hooks that stick with the listener long after the album is done and the genuine emotions that come out in their lyrics.

Album opener 'Here Out Of Reach' takes a simple repeating guitar figure and builds on it with acoustic guitars, cello and vocal harmonies to tell a tale disappointment and rejection. The propulsive drums and guitar of 'Afterthought' combine with Jason Brown's declamatory lead vocals and Jeremy's harmony-heavy backing vocals on the chorus to convey the frustration of being taken for granted by the one you love. Whether its the elegaic 'December Ghosts,' the country-folk 'Calloused Hands' or the layered guitar intricacy of the instrumental 'Clockwise' the album keeps delivering from beginning to end.

Basic tracks for The Slow Transmission were recorded in Brooklyn and the album was completed and mixed in Philadelphia. It features contributions from long-time friends like Ed Hogarty (Audible, Leftys Deceiver, Bigger Lovers) on guitar; Eve Miller (Rachaels, Matt Pond PA) on cello: Mary Garito (Audible) and Beth Filla (Trolleyvox) on harmony vocals; Mike Brenner (Slo-Mo, Marah,The Low Road) on pedal steel; Greg Potter (Blank Pages) on guitar and backing vocals and Andrew Hall (The Moonlighters) on upright bass.


2003 - A Late Day For Regrets (Paisley Pop)
2004 - Sidetrack Stars (FDR) - Split album with Audible
2007 - The Slow Transmission (Transit Of Venus)

Set List

Typical set list is 45 minutes to an hour and draws heavily from the current album and past Swivel Chair releases.