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A Hard Life Story, Night Time Music, Forever Tha, World.... Swolts is one of the most sought after underground G-Funk rappers in Europe and Asia!



Upon first hearing Swolts's release, Forever Tha, World, one wonders if he is a wise sage, an enigmatic (circa 70's) performer, a thought provoking poet, or an imaginative artist whose material echoes musical "glory days" long past. His musical journey has been multi-faceted, and his "adult" debut, it is all of the above...and then some.
This cd is strongly influenced by funk and live musicianship.... Swolt's and his producer Eddie "Sea" are true pioneers of Midwest G-Funk.

With musical influences ranging from Curtis Mayfield to Tupac Shakur, Swolt's delivers a definitive volcanic eruption with his self-named "different kind of rap" stylings. Swolts has already amassed significant critical acclaim both locally and in the regional music marketplace. Much like himself, his style is highly original, poetic and message-bearing; yet does not suffer from "over-preachiness". At times his music is dark and introspective; yet it is interspersed with humor as well as humility and kissed with a heavy dose of musical genius for good measure.

This prolific singer/songwriter creates and performs with great ease and extremely high energy. As a result, his intelligent and imaginative song-styling and delivery immediately distance Swolts from the large pack of "rap clones". As important as his ever-increasing and loyal following is Swolt's reverence to the music of the past - as he states, "music then was real".

His wholesome, familial musical roots (his family includes artists and aficionados of gospel, R&B and jazz) yields a conviction and ability to shed light on his generation's accomplishments & failings while also providing a bedrock of support and empathy for the coming generations.