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"Heavy Mettle/Downriver teens with a plan make their mark on Michigan music scent"

There are tons of young bands out there-garage bands, mostly with young men playing with a measured amount of angst and talent, but without a realistic plan.
Sworn Rival, a heavy metal band composed of four 15 year old boys from Downriver, isn't goofing around.
"What sets us apart is our work ethic" said lead vocalist Justin Maniaci of Southgate. "We practice a lot and we take this very seriously."
"That's true," added Chris Beaubien, the guitarist from Wyandotte. "We didn't set up our Myspace page until we'd been playing for at least six months. Most people do that first, instead."
Which is kind of backwards," said bass player Luke Salbert of Woodhaven. "It's not just about getting a MySpace page.
The group's drummer, Wolf Finn of Wyandotte, is the quiet genius behind the group. Wolf's musical skills do most of the talking for him.
Whenever Sworn Rival plays a show, the bandmates are always amazed at the response.
"It's neat to see kids you've never seen before, wearing your shirts and knowing every work to every song," Justin said.
"It's pretty cool that people have noticed us," Wolf said.
The band is hoping that even more people will take notice soon. Sworn Rival is recording its first full length CD, a 10-song album, at Bedrock Studios in Garden City. If all goes well, it should be released by late August or early September.
The band plans to get more seasoned by playing locally and then aim for some regional tours, possibly next year.
The band has played many venues, ranging from local outlets such as The Modern Exchange in Southgate to Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac and the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor.
Usually, Sworn Rival is the youngest band performing. That alone gets them a lot of attention.
Sometimes, though, the attention hasn't come without a bit of controversy. The band's toughest show's? In unison, the foursome says, "Jackson.
"It was a battle of the bands, and we just wanted exposure," said Chris, explaining how some of the other groups there were "giving us..a hard time."
"We were the only band not from Jackson," Wolf said. "And we took third place. Not bad.
While the teens are still dealing with typical teenage issues such as girlfriends, schoolwork and simply growing up, the experience has given them a glimpse of what could lie ahead.
Sworn Rival plays a couple of big shows in the coming weeks, starting with Dirtfest 2008 on Saturday in Birch Run. Seventy bands will perform on six stages. That'll be followed by another big appearance Aug. 29th at the Chrysler Arts, Beats and Eats festival in Pontiac.
Through all the hard work, the guys have gained some notoriety.

- Detroit Free Press


Full Length C.D.:
"Can't You Hear Them Calling"
1)Jake's Song
2)The Tide
3)Higher Than Before
4)Stand Up
6)Watch 'Em Fall
7)Endless Game
10)Weapon In Hand

The Tide and Parasite were Played several times on "WRIF's Motor City Riffs"

"The 2009 Demo":
1)Prelude To The Aberation

Abomination is currently reciving airplay on "WRIF's Motor City Riffs"




Sworn Rival is an aggressive metal band on the rise from Downriver, Michigan established in 2006. The band's line-up has included guitarist Chris Beaubien and drummer Wolf Finn since its initial development. Long time fan and dedicated photographer, Shaana Way, was initiated into the band on keyboard in 2008 and later with vocals in 2009. Vocalist Shawn "Wylde" Collins and Bassist Jorge "Fez" Solis were introduced into Sworn Rival in 2009. The group's reputation among fans and media alike is marked by enthusiasm as well as esteem.

Their shows are fantastic, as they have an excellent stage presence. They never fail to entertain and enthrall with their high energy persona and interaction with all audiences. The members of Sworn Rival are talented musicians, and their live music sounds virtually identical to their studio recordings, if not even more intense.

They, altogether, are an incredibly enjoyable, dynamic and encouraging group to young musicians everywhere.

Pantera, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Dope, Metallica, Lamb of God, and Nirvana.

Notable Shows:

Dirtfest 2009: All day festival show in Birch Run, MI.

Opening For Dope at Harpo's in Detroit, MI.

Opening For Mary Magdalan at Blondie's in Detroit, MI.