A sonic fusion of melodic vocals and soaring guitars, Sycamore combine the arena rock chops of Bon Jovi with the intensity of Tool. The music of Sycamore is not only personal, but also universal. Unlike many bands today, Sycamore makes music with a purpose.


We make music that we love, and just want to share it with as many people as possible. Music is our lives, and our passion - that is what connects us with the world.

Many people ask how Sycamore got their name. “It was fate,” recalls Ryan, the band’s front man. Ryan, along with lead guitarist Evan Fox, had been playing music together for years, but their former band had fallen apart, and they were trying to put the pieces back together. The first addition to the new band was bassist Nick Bachmeier. Nick was classically trained in several string instruments, but he had never played bass before getting together with Evan and Ryan to make music. Fortunately, Nick was a quick learner, and he was able to play all of their songs after just a few practices. With the band almost complete, Evan, Ryan, and Nick set out to find a drummer. After relentless searching and numerous auditions, Evan Bayless came into the picture. Evan Bayless, or Ebay (as he is known in the band) brought a new level of musicianship to the group and solidified the line up. Eager to have their music heard, the foursome entered the studio to record a demo - that is where fate stepped in. The band had been recording on a farm in the middle of nowhere. They had several songs done, but still didn’t have a name. “One day we were walking outside the studio when we saw this sycamore tree. The tree was huge, it must have been 100 years old.” The guys knew something about this tree was special. In a storm, the trunk had broken in half and the tree had fallen. The collapsed tree had taken root and was growing again. “For us, the tree really symbolized the band. We had fallen apart, but now we were coming back to life.” That day, Sycamore was born. After perfecting their live show, Sycamore is poised to take the rock scene by storm. The band has been quickly gaining momentum, and the world will soon take notice. With catchy hooks, hard hitting rhythms, and flowing melodies, Sycamore is gaining more fans every day – and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


Find A Way

Written By: Sycamore

All the things we see
It’s too much to conceive
The shadows are rising cover the ground
Distorting the sky it wont be found
The bridges have burned and they’re falling down
But well be fine

Find a way to be free
Here and now
You and me
Well cure your painful disease
Just believe

Blind me
With all your light
Remind me
It’s worth the fight
I'll give my life to you
If you’ll just say its true

Oh I feel the hate suffocate
I cant breathe
I’ve given up had enough
Lt me be
Ill sever ties with all the lies
Set me free
Oh just believe

On Our Own

Written By: Sycamore

I hear it in your voice
Surrounded by fear but i'm still here
Cause I've made my choice

Oh were moving on
You know we will be strong
This live is here and now
Cause no ones gonna hold us down

Here we go
On our own well make it through
Were all alone
So far from home
And we don’t know what to do

Slips through my hands
Like sand through the glass nothing will last
But ill take a stand


Written By: Sycamore

It’s in your face and in this place
The thoughts that make me feel disgraced
I look around but I can’t find
A way to live outside my mind
Is there a world another time
Where we could be living just fine
Or is it gone am I just done
Has all this pain become my life

Is this shit all I can be
Please say there is more to me
There is nothing I can do
So I must rely on you

It seems I have no other way
This is the price that I have paid
And I know that I can’t regret
Because I've always done my best
To everything and everyone
But now my life is on the run
I cant escape this is my fate
As I begin to count the days

You were the one who showed me how
And I need you so much right now
There is no more I can do
So I must rely on you

Your Lies

Written By: Sycamore

You think that you know me
But you know nothing at all
You worked so hard to control me
You even had me convinced that without you id fall

I’ve opened up my eyes
I refuse to be fooled by your pathetic disguise
You know I've opened up my eyes
I finally see the truth you hide behind your lies

So now you’ve fallen to pieces
I’m doing fine on my own
As your grip on me releases
I’ve broken down the walls you’ve built with your heart of stone

Hold Me Now

Written By: Sycamore

She woke up in the morning and could not believe her eyes
The stars that she had wished upon had fallen from the Sky
And those words that hung like teardrops slowly rolling down her face
Surrounded by the blackness so they never found their place

The world that she had known is gone away
And no one can save her from the pain
Don’t worry now it wont be long
But you have got to hold on

Staring out the window as her breath fogs up the glass
She’s moving in slow motion but still going way too fast
There’s nothing I can do as it replays in my mind
There’s nothing I can do to turn back the hands of time

Hold me now
No I wont back down
Cause ill never get a chance like this to feel your kiss upon me lips
So hold me now


Written By: Sycamore

Been walking too long my shoes worn thin
Every journey starts with a step its time to begin
Close my eyes see you walk away
I know you’re leaving
You’re leaving today

Said you’re going away

I wanted you to stay
But I know you had to grow
And I would give anything
To help you cure your soul
So just be on your way
And I will always know
That it may be too soon
But I must let you go

What was it that you said to me
We know it would come to this from the beginning
It’s no surprise that you are gone
And now I'm here and I'm all alone

You know I'm all alone

I’ve got to let you go

For Ray

Written By: Sycamore

I lie awake in my bed
Think about what you said
And what those words they meant
It was for real

But I know I can be
Everything that you need
If you could only see
That I'm for real

Now something just aint right
Another sleepless night
And I can’t seem to find
What’s for real

If you could only see
What this means to me
Maybe then you’ll believe
That I'm for real


Turning Leaves - Released 2007

Set List

This is a typical set list:
4. CREEP (Radiohead Cover)
11. MOTHER (Danzig Cover)
12. CURE

Our typical set length is between 45 min. to an hour. However, we have enough material to play for 3+ hours.

We play mostly original songs with a few covers. Our covers range from Bob Marley to Matchbox 20, and span many musical styles and decades.