Introspective Pop/Rock -- Fountains of Wayne meets Elvis Costello -- melodic, 4 part harmonies, big guitars, rock and roll! "Upswing", a 4 song EP, is the latest record and is FREE. 2007's "The Way We Found It" was produced by Danny Weinkauf from Fountains of Wayne/They Might Be Giants.


"Refreshingly lacking even a shred of hipster-chic irony, Syd delivers that most delicious of rock confections, a capital “P” Pop song...I defy you not to sing along " (Seven Days, VT)

Syd is a singer/songwriter from Vermont living in Brooklyn whose love of "indie rock", driving rhythms and 50's pop has separated him from the growing legions of boys wielding guitars.

After playing hundreds of shows a year since 2002, selling a combined 3000 physical copies of his first two records and an astonishing 23,000 digital downloads, Syd brought his band (drummer Sam Smith, now Ben Folds' throne man and guitarist Dylan Allen, now also living in New York) into the deep woods of Chelsea, VT to record in a gutted barn what would become 2007's "The Way We Found It" a record that re-defines the sound Syd has been honing all these years. Produced by They Might Be Giants' Danny Weinkauf, "The Way We Found It" is a new sound, and altogether familiar.

Along the way, he's earned a spot in Music Connection magazine's "Top 25 Demos of the Year", a nomination for Coffeehouse Performer of the Year, showcases at NXNE and Nemo Music Festival, festival appearances like Washington DC's Virgin Music Fest, plus opening slots in front of Ari Hest, Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, John Vanderslice, The Zombies and Hanson, as well as many others.


Back Home

Written By: words: Syd | music: Syd & Tuck Stocking

another night another room another phone call
one more day
another road another sign by my window
counting miles away

I'd come back I would
I would come right back to your arms
if I only could

So long hard roads
wake me up when we're home
wake me up when we're home

yesterday is today is tomorrow the next day is the same
as I wander these miles I wonder
should I have stayed

I would turn around
I would come right back your way
just not today

So long hard roads
I'm coming back home
So long hard roads
wake me up when we're home

I might turn
I'll come back some day
I might turn around
I'll be home some day

So long hard roads
I'm coming back home
I'm coming back home

On A Friday

Written By: Syd

I know exactly what I ought to do
I need to leave well enough alone
so I'm not chasing after you
though you push and you pull me
you love me you hate me
I am trying to hold my ground
last night I was sleeping
dreaming of nothing
and suddenly I hear the sound

of the phone ring

why did you call me late on a friday
just when I thought I was over you
whenever I'm happy you're there to remind me
what a sleepless night can do

how are the parties and all the people?
say hi to california would you
there could be snow here for all that I know now
it doesn't matter that it's still june
does this mean you love me?
I'm sorry I asked you but all I can hear is

is the sound of you breathing

am I dreaming
I'll always be sleeping alone
in my bedroom
I do and I'm thinking of

Far Away

Written By: Syd

In the broken glass on King Street
your true colors in the dark
covered eyes, little lies
a crack in my heart
covered eyes, little lies
time will drive us apart until I'm

so far away you'd hardly know me

the years become my shelter
from the damage that you've done
a city street a country road
if you saw me you'd never know
a city street a country road
I hope you see me and never know

nothing's changed I'm the same man I used to be
but distance will make you forget me
hope distance will make you forget me

The Big Town

Written By: Syd

So you say you wanna get out of dodge
you want to head for the hills you want to burn up all that rubber
you feel so very misunderstood
You got dreams, got move it, won’t get it done in the suburbs

I know you were headed for the big town
but I hear it’s been something of a let down
It swallowed you up, yeah it spit you out
I am speaking from experience I couldn’t be more serious

leave all your possesions, you don’t need a direction
you know you kind of find the danger thrilling
keep seeking perfection, well tell me when you get it
cuz we could bottle it up and make a killing

Turns out, you can find a way to be alone wherever you go

Front Lines

Written By: Syd

like a killing frost in the dead of night
that's how they're taking us this time
they're coming for the youngest bones
they'll take me before their take their own

don't you give up on me this time
don't you just leave me here
on the front lines

on the front lines

I did the things you said I should
I moved away because I could
thought I was here to set things right
I don't know what you've got in in mind

don't you give up on me this time
don't you just leave me here
on the front lines

on the front lines

now all I got are desert stars
so far from home I am so far
if I never see your face
at least come find me where I lay

why'd you give up on me this time?
why'd you just leave me here
on the front lines

on the front lines

on the front lines
in the middle of the night I see you
on the front lines
looking at what you've become
on the front lines
if I never get to meet you
on the front lines
at least just tell me what I've done

that put me on the front lines

The Pattern

Written By: Syd

you tell yourself you’re ruthless
cold hard steel on the edge of a knife
but scratch below the surface
cut right down and you will surely find
a deep seeded indecsion, with painful precision
this pattern you’ve played out before

things never change quick when you’re built like this
so find the prettiest mistake and give her a kiss

this is the pattern repeat it repeat it
this is the damage cocneal it conceal
failed to reconsider the alternative before you
end up where it all began, beginning once more

so you think that I deserve this?
this crippled core, this blind foresight
I kinda think I earned it
if I prefer to think at all these days I find
it’s desire, that idiot fire, that burns any reason to a hot white light

things may never change since I’m built like this
so I find the prettiest mistake and give her a kiss


**All albums sold a combined 23,000 digital downloads across the digital music stores**

-produced by Syd
-released for free download through The Co-Op (

-produced by Danny Weinkauf (Fountains of Wayne)

- produced by Todd Hannigan (Jack Johnson)
-sold 3000 copies
-named Music Connection's 2004 "Demo of The Year"

- Singles "Here's A Love Song" and "Picking Up"
played on a variety of college stations nationally
various net streams (Launch, live365, etc)

Set List

enough original material for 120 minutes