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The best kept secret in music


"Soundbox (Echoingwalls Music)"

Sydewynder has ultimately become our first choice for the best local rock band of 2004. If you call yourself a rock enthusiast, then you will definitely want to check out their latest album Fire Storm. This album is song after song after song of non-stop, high impact, energetic rock! - Echoingwalls Music

"Echoingwalls Music"

Hard hitting vocals, masterful harmony, and a devastating presence. That’s why Sydewynder was picked to open for our Godsmack show. - Dexter Nelson, CEO

"Soundbox 2 (Echoingwalls Music)"

You haven’t heard rock like this from a local group before. It’s a fresh sound that strays far from the ordinary. - James Hargrove, Music Engineer

"Soundbox 3 (Echoingwalls Music)"

Modern rock goes out the window with their Fire Storm album. They are that damn good! - Peter Saddle, Editor


Raleigh, NC rocker Zack, a/k/a Sydewynder is making a huge industrial rock buzz in the south. Check out this teeth-smashing masterpiece and judge for yourself: (DEVIOUS off of the new Fire Storm album) - Shawn Fields, President


Sydewynder definitely has a different kind of sound. Their newest CD ‘FIRE STORM’ sounds as if someone took Rammstein, Trent Reznor, and Les Claypool, mixed them up into a pudding like paste, baked them at 1000 degrees and it popped out as 4 people making hard-hitting music. - Dan O., President

"WFSS 91.9 FM - Fayetteville, NC"

From the very first time we heard "Bradley Von Nipplefinger," we were blown away! Here was an Irish sounding jig mixed with hard driving rock, what a masterpiece! The band members are wonderful role models for our youth, very professional on every possible level. North Carolina should be proud to have such talented musicians. - Peggy & Ronnie, Local Music Showcase

"WBZB Local Music"

Sydewynder is a huge asset in our local music scene with their industrial "kick you in the teeth" approach to music. The riffs and beats are relentless and you can't help but get sucked into their world. As morning DJ and Sales Manager of WBZB 1090 AM (the first radio station in the country to play all local music), I can say with first hand experience that Sydewynder is one of the most requested bands on our station. I highly recommend buying their new album Fire Storm and getting your ass to a Sydewynder show and experience it for yourself. - Shane Gentry, DJ and Sales Manager

"RFH / Pain XIII Productions"

Phenomenal writing, this band has discovered the next big sound. Sydewynder is the revolution of modern rock. - Tony Spears, President

"Xact Records"

Dave Grohl (of Nirvana and Foo Fighters) look out, Zack Wheeler and his performance band Sydewynder are taking over. - Jason Cyr, President



Fire Storm (2003) - 11 tracks
Concourse B (1999) - 16 tracks
Harbinger (1997) - 13 tracks


Oasis Alternative (2003) - "Fire Storm"
Xact Records Dot Comp (2000) - "Psycho"
Best of Oasis (1999) - "Harbinger"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Upon first meeting Zack, Sydewynder's clean-cut young front man, you wouldn't expect him to possess the monster vocals and on-stage charisma that would rival a James Hetfield (Metallica) or Sully Erna (Godsmack). You also wouldn't expect his band, one with a sleek and stylish modern image, to derive influence from acts such as Tool or Rage Against the Machine. And you also wouldn't expect Sydewynder's line-up, ranging from a medical doctor to a web developer, to possess the capacity to throw down on stage. Oh, but they do... and they are very good at it.

Over the years Sydewynder has become well known for their energetic stage performances, utilizing everything from foot-controlled light shows to brave new levels of audience participation. A Sydewynder stage show is bound by no stage, and fans have learned to fasten their seat belts and expect the unexpected.


In 1994, an alternative band named Scrub was formed in Atlanta, GA. For several years the band morphed its style trying to find a niche, touching every musical corner from punk to metal. Scrub disbanded in 1998 and the band's front man Zack formed his own new project entitled Solo Endeavor. He released his first album entitled Harbinger, a punk-alternative mix which enjoyed moderate success. During this time Zack began deriving musical influence from industrial rock, specifically from bands such as Filter, NIN, and Gravity Kills. In 1999, Zack relocated to Raleigh, NC and decided to focus all effort on modern industrial rock. He changed the band's name to Sydewynder and released his second album entitled Concourse B. Soon after the act exploded into the industry, gaining national radio attention and even spotlights on MTV.

Although it was a big success, Concourse B did not embody the exciting new sound that Zack had envisioned. So for the next several years, he decided to once again retool the Sydewynder sound. The result came in April 2003 when Zack released the critically acclaimed third Sydewynder album Fire Storm, described as a "teeth-smashing masterpiece" by resource giant The new sound included diverse hard-hitting vocals, a processed guitar crunch, and lots of non-instrumental effects. The album hit the ground running and today Sydewynder continues to leave its mark on the music industry with a relentless effort that many have dubbed, "The Revolution of Modern Rock."