sydnee stewart & the TRUTH

sydnee stewart & the TRUTH

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Raw. Real and Ready to move the crowd. Sydnee Stewart and the TRUTH deliver words and rhythm in a new style by fusing poetry/soul/rock/hip hop that will take the listener on a soul journey of discovery.


Sydnee Stewart

Sydnee Stewart is a performance poet, actor and writer. She has won various poetry slams and competitions, was featured in the Langston Hughes documentary called Hughes’ Dream Harlem, which aired on the cable networks BLACKSTARZ, was a featured poet on BET’s Lyric Café and starred in a feature film called “Everyday People” which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film festival, the prestigious New Director’s Film Festival at Lincoln Center, aired on HBO this past summer and fall. and will re-air January 2005.

Stewart was featured on NY 1 and is currently performing throughout the New York scene and other cities with her band. She has performed her poetry on New York’s WBLS and WBAI, on Miami’s Hot 105.1, on Virginia’s 103 Jams, at Medger Evans College, Wiley College, BMCC, NYU, Adelphi University, Pace University, Columbia University, Lehigh University, Rush Arts/The Corridor Gallery, at Atlanta’s Black Expo and The National Black Arts Festival where she performed a tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou and Cicely Tyson. After her performance, Dr. Angelou was in tears and speechless. Sydnee has performed on stage with Amir from The Roots and has opened for Bilal and Amel Larreuix. She is currently performing with her band and helped to launch the new DEF Poetry Plugged In brand alongside Vernon Reid, Ursula Rucker, Karen Gibson-Roc and Sonia Sanchez.

Stewart is the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Better Youth, Inc. (, which uses poetry and the arts to inspire young people with self-esteem and self-confidence. Better Youth has partnered with the NYC Housing Authority to offer film and music after-school workshops to teens and children and produces music performances for the children of The Ronald McDonald House of NYC.

At present, Stewart is completing her second book of prose and poetry and an accompanying musical poetry album; has been featured in The New York Times, Variety, Jane and People Magazines, She has published works in the following publications: African Voices, Rolling Out, QBR Magazine, The Lasting Joy (1998), America at the Millennium (2000), Signifyin’ Harlem (2002/2003), and Under a Quicksilver Moon.



Written By: sydnee stewart


What’s your truth?

Is it jesus skunk buddah allah hydro?

Better find your truth

Like lovers do those who love life

The ones who dance when making music

Like painters do those who sing songs

The ones who shout for freedom of speech

Like women do the ones who bleed

Those who give birth to renaissance poetry

Like children those who know God

The ones who turn shadows into video games

Like the media those who see the unseen

The ones who grieve and mourn the loss of life

Like making love making moments out of war

Those who stand side by side for justice and pain

Like friendship the seasons change like wind

The ones who remain will have tested poverty

Like homeless men they travel alone looking

For the vessels of truth shine bright in high places

Like saviors do in biblical reference and reality

Like religion in modern day redemption

Like men do in patriarchal societies

Those of us looking for the answer already know

The Truth

Like khalil & yeshua Yes A prophet is Unwelcome at Home

Those of us looking for happiness have lost it

Like sanity a prostitute marries a preacher

An oxymoron utopia exists only in comic books

Those of us who envision ourselves as super ordinary

The destitute those of us who hustle and pray

The favored We tithe accordingly

We read scripture books and malachi

The artist many are called the chosen but few

The truth

Like politics Like fashion

Everything is a statement like freedom

Everything has a price like love and liberty

The fools who fall are like candles on rooftops

Be brave and courageous like Malcolm

Like ghandi like harriet like my mother

Like me ain’t I a woman like her

Like she like he like him ain’t he a man

Who knows what tomorrow brings

The faith those of us who trust it

The ones who breathe air we cannot see

We know the ones who read between the pages

The musicians those who play the gray notes

The ones between black and white color lines

The poets those of us who respect language

Those of us who defy oppressive literature

The alphabet spoken in French dialects

We understand Italian latin Chinese and woloff

We created the original word and thought

Those of us who believe we have recyclable souls

The portals through which time travels

Is this the truth?

What’s your truth?

Is it jesus skunk buddah allah hydro?

The world is but a temporary place

Those of us affirm life

We Plant seeds for future generations

The truth, the word and we

live forever

sds. brooklyn

jazz is the man

Written By: sydnee stewart

Found Him when I was lost
The Cinderella Complex ain’t false
He saved me from myself
Gave me the taste of the sweetest magic
The tongue of prophecy and poetry
Showed me that making love to me
Ain’t easy
Took my hand and interlocked it with the other
Never had a friend who was my lover
Through chance and circumstance
He’ll be my alpha, my omega
My first and my last
His spirit penetrated me
Made me scream seven hallelujahs
Burned two candles for the one’s who had gone before dropped my knees
To the floor clutching my book of words
And then I lost my breath for something to say
But then I heard a melody
Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, Award Tour from back in the day
You’ll find me in the vineyards of En Gedi
Getting’ ready sippin’ Porte wine
I smoked God and got High for the first time
He’s the hip hop in my blues the blues in my jazz
‘Cause Jazz is the man that holds me in the dark
He strokes me with his fingers
Like Charlie Mingus on the bass
Wipes the tears from my face
‘Cause Billy sang her blues
Met him on the uptown A train to Harlem
On the blue train and his name was Coltrane
And he took me downtown to the spot
I rode for Miles and Miles and Miles
His style swings in time
I guess he does it right ‘cause
He makes me Dizzy
He teases and pleases like Thelonius
On the keys
Gives good sax he makes me relax
Like Charlie Parker
The darker the melody sweeter is the jazz juice.....
See I make love to a Jazz musician
‘Cause he can feel my rhythm
Loves me down from the top of my crown
To the tip of my toes that man
Knows how to do my thang with his
Hip-hop to bebop swang
He’s sweet like sugar honey
Mo’ betta like Amoretto and milk
Smooth like satin pajamas and silk ooohhh
Jazz is that man so keep doin’ what you do
I wanna make jazz babies with you
In harmony with the world
Two fellas two girls
And we can name them
Ella, Fitz, Gerald and Vaughn
See once upon a time there was music
But then my man and I sipped jazz
through a straw at a Brooklyn café
He fed me the blues mixed with honey and fruit
The taste was like dolce de leche
Sweet like cookies and cream loved it like
French toast like papaya like hot water for chocolate
Imagine two halves of a grapefruit
Melting down your thoughts like poetry
Pouring slowly like pear butter
Now sprinkle some rosemary on top
Have you ever tasted romance?
Can’t you hear the melody?
Its sweet like Tito Puente
Complete with cymbals, timbales and percussion
Can you hear it? Ssssssshhhhhhhh


"a rock and a hard place" is the debut album.
singles are being spun by dj's in NYC and Europe and have been streamed on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Set List

45 minute set of music and poetry

911 (what's fare)
the truth
jack n jill feat. ANZLEM
jazz is the man
carmen jones
who listenin'