Sydney Or The Bush

Sydney Or The Bush


This accomplished Traditional Australian Bush music trio is as authentic as they come!
The trio with their deceivingly diminutive instruments really pack a surprisingly big punch!Their booming, divine 3 part harmonies and vibrant performances using ukulele, banjo,mandolin, tin whistles and squeezebox circa1890 are exciting, guaranteed to get your feet tappin',& will certainly leave an impression.


Sydney or the Bush was formed for the Sphinx Rock Festival at the village of Kunghur in the hills of the North Coast of NSW nearly 11 years ago. All three members of this dynamic trio live in the centre of the universe, Kunghur.
Sydney Welling (squeezebox, vocals, and astounding history) lived in Ireland before immigrating to Australia as a child and was fortunate to have one of Australia's foremost folklorists and collector of Australian tunes, Alan Scott, as his concertina teacher. Sydney's delivery of the traditional Aussie tunes is both powerful (the man needs no microphone!) and moving. He has a passionate connection with the music and has the ability to transport the audience back in time.
Barry Shaw (vocals, skankin' ukulele, banjo, mandolin) has had many years performing in bands of all shapes and sizes, but nothing rocks his boat (being an old sea dog) like the traditional Aussie tunes. Barry is the beating heart of Sydney or the Bush and remembering the chords for well over a hundred songs never phases him in the slightest. Barry's excitement over small stringed instruments is palpable (he has been accused of obsession!) as his ever expanding collection of stringed things threatens to engulf his home.
Fiona Ryan (tin whistles, flute and sublime harmonies and vocals) is a highly experienced professional musician and teacher who is excited to have an opportunity to play and sing all the tunes she was raised on. She was inspired by her very musical Celtic family, including her cousin, Alex Hood, the famous Aussie folk singer who penned Brumby Jack. Fiona has a great passion for (and an enormous collection of!) tin whistles and flutes.
SYDNEY OR THE BUSH, "the band with the big endings" has performed at many local pubs, school events, and a host of North Coast festivals and celebrations.They are a favourite on the North Coast of New South Wales where the band is infamous for their "guerilla gigging" ,their practise of flouting the booking agents and spontaneously gigging at a random local pub. Well loved by publicans and punters alike they attract a very broad audience as they appeal to the bushranger/shearer/convict/battler/immigrant in us all. The authentic instrumentation and emotional performances of this trio are set to revitalise the Australian Folk scene as they step out of the North Coast into wider Australia touring extensively for the 1st time in 2013.


Sydney Or The Bush
Outback Music Upfront recorded at Shannon's Doon Doon studio,2005 SOLD OUT
Sydney Or The Bush
London, Paris, New York, Sydney Or The Bush
Recorded in 2012 by Mothership Music
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