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syd straw


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i have been singing since the crib---

Syd Straw is an American rock singer and songwriter. The daughter of actor Jack Straw ("The Pajama Game"), she began her career singing backup for Pat Benatar, then took her distinct voice to the indie/alternative scene and joined the Golden Palominos (also including Michael Stipe, Matthew Sweet, and Anton Fier). She released her first album, Surprise, in 1989; it featured contributions by Stipe, Fier, Richard Thompson, Peter Blegvad, and a number of other well-known musicians. A second album, War and Peace, appeared in 1996. Recorded with a relatively obscure Midwest rock group called the Skeletons, it chronicled a brief and unhappy romance. As of August 2007, she had completed her new album, entitled Pink Velour. to be self-released early in 2008.
A frequent backup singer and contributor to duets with other musicians, Straw has also maintained an intermittent acting career, appearing on the television shows The Adventures of Pete & Pete and Tales of the City. Syd Straw can be heard singing harmony and backing vocals on the Rickie Lee Jones albums Traffic From Paradise and The Evening of My Best Day. She is also featured on Leo Kottke's Peculiaroso, which Jones produced. For a number of years she has given an annual "Heartwreck" live performance on Valentine's Day.


solo records include----surprise----on virgin records
war and peace---on capricorn records
whole wide world---on skin-of-our-teeth records---
and my brand spanking new-ink-isnt-even-dry-on-the-cover-yet-record----PINK VELOUR-----self-released
The Golden Palominos: The Celluloid Collection collection 2006 Mar
Syd Straw: Whole Wide World — Uncollected Songs collection 2005?
The Golden Palominos: Run Pony Run collection 2002 Jun
Syd Straw...: Live at the Triple Crown live album 2001 Jul?
Golden Palominos: Surrealistic Surfer collection 2001 Jan
The Golden Palominos: The Best Of... collection 1997 Oct
Syd Straw: People of Earth single 1996
Syd Straw: Love And The Lack Of It single 1996
Syd Straw: CBGB's single 1996
Syd Straw: War and Peace album 1996 May
Syd Straw: The Christmas Twist single 1992
The Golden Palominos: a history (1986-1989) collection 1992 Jul
The Golden Palominos: a history (1982-1985) collection 1992 Jun
The Golden Palominos: The Golden Palominos ep 1991
The Golden Palominos: Thundering Herd collection 1990
Syd Straw: Think Too Hard single 1989
Syd Straw: Future 40's (String of Pearls) single 1989
Syd Straw: Heart of Darkness single 1989
Syd Straw: Surprise album 1989 Jun
The Golden Palominos: Blast of Silence album 1986
The Golden Palominos: Boy (Go) single 1986
The Golden Palominos: Clustering Train single 1985
The Golden Palominos: Visions of Excess album 1985
Collaborations with Other Artists

Rickie Lee Jones: Duchess of Coolsville compilation 2005 Jun
Rickie Lee Jones: The Evening of My Best Day album 2003 Oct
Matthew Sweet: To Understand collection 2002 Oct
Wayne Kramer: Adult World album 2002 Jul
The Dear Janes: Skirt album 2002 Apr
John Greaves: The Caretaker album 2001
The Adventures Of...: Just Say When album 2001 Aug
The Adventures Of...: Live at the Triple Crown live album 2001 Jul?
The Schramms: One Hundred Questions album 2000 Sep
Christy McWilson: The Lucky One album 2000 Jun
Mike Meltzer: The Big Go-'Round album 2000 Apr
The Hattifatteners: Rabbit Rabbit album 1999 Nov
Jeff Tweedy: Outta Print Outta Site pirate 1999?
Health & Happiness Show: Sad and Sexy collection 1999 Aug
REM — Michael Stipe: Not Field Recordings — Not REM pirate 1999?
The Del-Lords: Get Tough — The Best of The Del Lords collection 1999 Jun
Steve Pride: Haint album 1998 Nov
Richard Buckner: Since album 1998 Aug
Linda McRae: Flying Jenny album 1997 Sep
Wilco: Box Full of Letters single 1995
Kevin Salem: Will ep 1995
Kevin Salem: Soma City album 1994
Dave Alvin: King of California album 1994 Apr
Doug Legacy with the Zydeco Party Band: King Cake Party album 1994 Apr
Grant McLennan: Horsebreaker Star album 1994
Leo Kottke: Peculiaroso album 1994 Feb
Vic Chesnutt: Drunk album 1994 Jan
Harry Shearer: It Must Have Been Something I Said album 1994 Jan
Victoria Williams: Happy Come Home album 1993 Dec
Rickie Lee Jones: Traffic from Paradise album 1993 Sep
Dave Alvin: Museum of Heart album 1993 Sep
The Jim Carroll Band: A World Without Gravity collection 1993 Aug
David Halley: Broken Spell album 1993 Aug
Tony Trischka: World Turning album 1993 Aug
Hoppy Kamiyama: Groovallegiance album 1992
Marc Ribot: Requiem for What's-his-name album 1992
Loudon Wainwright III: History album 1992 Nov
Peter Blegvad: King Strut single 1992 Oct?
James McMurtry: Candyland album 1992 Jun
Hoppy Kamiyama: Welcome to F

Set List

honestly, i do not have a typical set list, and i am not typical----my sets are as short or long as they need to be----and they are full of fun-----i sometimes cover the likes of neil young, brian eno, david bowie, and the pretenders