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"Success In Their 'Sykes'"

Indie rock group 'Sykes' is one of a new generation of bands currently producing and promoting their own music.
Despite still studying at sixth form, the boys have single-handedly managed to get their new album 'Scrapbook of Our Youth' on to iTunes, RealRhapsody and Napster and already the royalty cheques are beginning to roll in.
The boys have a chance as, unlike many school bands, they can actually play.
With an eclectic character that swings from indie rock to melodic punk, their taught musical style is supported by strong lyrics and an quirky take on life, love and astronaut's underpants.
Sykes have already played a host of gigs in and around the Northwest and, on July 25th, will play the Manchester Academy. The band is also one of the hot tips to win Silk FM's Battle of the Bands in July.
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-Simon Carter - Manchester Metro

"Album Review - 'Scrapbook Of Our Youth'"

This iTunes exclusive album makes an impressive debut from these 4 previously unheard-of East Cheshire schoolboys, being both uplifting and moving in equal measure, with one of the most technically impressive and musically advanced sets I've heard in a long time. The voices of lead singers Matthew Shribman and Sam Lea compliment each other beautifully, and, together with bassist Ed Beesley and drummer Ally Barter, make up a four-piece of limitless talent and vision. Such praise is certainly rare these days but is by no means undeserved. The lyrics for these songs stand out as not only complimentory to the music, but also as excellent in their own right, avoiding the blatant and embracing the more subtle aspects of writing. Another string to their bow is the amount of effort that has gone into producing a 16 track album, a sign that this band are not in the business of patronising their fans or wasting their money. Gifted, witty and supremely hardworking, Sykes are a band that, I hope at least, are one we will hear much more from in the future - fingers crossed. - Joshua Wood, iTunes


Scrapbook Of Our Youth (2007)
Unconditionally (Rulers) - Single (2008)
From The Carriage Window EP (2008)



(Please note that Sonicbids have down-sized the quality of the recordings.)

Sykes are currently operating under their own, self-publicised label Zyia-Zonaverdi (contact but are seeking professional management.

Sykes' effortlessly catchy and well thought-out sound combined with a vibrant, theatrical stage-presence and quirky live-act make Sykes more than worth noting in today's 'all too predictable' music scene.

The members of this multi-talented five-piece bring influences from all areas of music to create a unique sound which is as satisfying as it is varied, from acoustic-based pop, punk, drum'n'bass, jazz, hip-hop, grime to classical music.

Although each member has a fairly established role within the band, they are often seen to switch instruments, offering a unique opportunity to showcase each other's talents and in turn creating unprecedented on-stage energy and an atmosphere that is far from static and predictable.

Songs of startling variety, owing to each band member's individual influences, are being written faster than they can be recorded. It is impossible to assign a single genre to their albums and EPs.

PUT THEM ON IN THE BACKGROUND (they will not stay in the background)