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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Artist Watch: Sykode, Weird Name, Great Music"

I hope to never have to write out the name of SykODe_ because, well, it’s a pain in the ass. I suppose I could copy and paste, but I am much too lazy to do something like that. At any rate, I hope to be too busy listening to the 2008 effort, A Few Seconds of Delusion from Montreal’s possible best kept secret.

Prior to receiving this EP, I had never actually heard anything about SykODe_ (alright, I copied and pasted…so sue me), and honestly, this is the best way to be introduced to great music. I have learned over the years of writing music, to never expect anything when listening to an album for the first time, especially from a band you have never heard of; all pre-conceived notions are tossed out of the window, leaving only the unknown to look forward to. A Few Seconds of Delusion, while brief, is wall to wall fury of progressive metal in the same vain as Sikth, Protest the Hero, Norma Jean and Converge, essentially combining off the wall time signatures and rhythms with melodic metalcore and other odds and ends. I am a sucker for this type of music, because it combines the harsh, sudden brutality of hardcore, with the intricacies and subtleties of traditional progressive metal. How could you go wrong with that? - Cody, All metal Resource

"The album is more direct than most unsigned bands"

"Impressive mixture of harmonic guitars and hard hitting double bass blasts followed by some melodic piano blurs is something that is very common on this album.The song “Cosmic Fool” reminds me of the post-hardcore band Poison the Well if they had been impregnated by Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids; this song is defiantly my personal favorite on the 4 song E.P.! Track 3 “Silent Passion” slows things down before splurging back into some brutal but harmonic chop riffs. The harmonics are over played on this album, way too much! Harmonics are cool if used in moderation all within complex songs. There’re still some post metal, bleak atmospherics at play, but the majority of the album is more direct than most unsigned bands that are trying to break out of their hometowns. Overall I dig the E.P. and hope to soon be reviewing a full length album for them in the near future!!"
- - Morbid Miller, Morbid Miller's top unsigned bands

"If you’re into original, aggressive yet intricate metal"

"Again on the more positive note I would say that the whole artwork, production, packaging and promotional info is top-notch witnessing that this band really mean it and are passionate about their music. If you’re into original, aggressive yet intricate metal, this EP is the perfect choice for you and can be highly recommended. I’m looking very much forward to hear their first full-length album as the situation is now; it is hard to judge a band only by four short songs. The potential for growth is definitely there."
- - Bato, Metal-Revolution


- Process (4 songs demo released in 2007)

- AFEWSECONDSOFDELUSIONS (4 songs EP released in Nov. 2008)



Sykode is a struggle:: the constant battle of chaos and perplexity, where VARIATIONS are the only stability;: the COMPLEX compositions were created during the therapies of a select number of delusional patients. For their own insanity, a PROJECT was created and the United Lunatic Asylum was very satisfied of the results. The deranged internees made great progress, in a progressive and erratic way. Their MANIPULATIONS somehow shaped the sound to come. Now out in the open, this grim carnivalesque group is ready for the long awaited live performances,. to seduce and scare even the most avid listener. Records and personal files indicate that on every walls of every band member's cell,, the following proclamation can be read: "Through the CONTINUUM we advance to create new ways to defy yet again the PENDULUM's process.,., WE fulfill our ASPIRATIONS as we bring you tunes of confusions::