Sykohed lead by the mad man himself "Rob sykohed Gonzo" coupled with it's thunderous bass and bombastic drums along with the ripping guitars will leave the crowd always wanting more.Sykohed doesn't just play live they bring it and it is non stop in your face metal!!!Witness the madness yourself!!!


Many influences come in to play with Sykohed.Being the seasoned musicians that we are sets us apart from your average bar band.Every member has shared the stage with national acts.Rob was the frontman for the NYC band Smoke.After the band decided not to go on he decided to seek out the best of the best to put together the well oiled machine they call Sykohed(pyscho-head).Only together a short time Sykohed has opened for Stephen Pearcy and Overkill.We have written a song that has gone into rotation on a major radio station 95.9 Wrat radio.The only unsigned band to do this!!This band is destin to be big.You will have to witness the live show for yourself!!!


Ep Whata Nutz
GOTTS played on 95.9 WRAT radio

Set List

typical set is 30 to 45 minutes longer if need be