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Sylkie Monoff



Singer, songwriter, producer Sylkie Monoff may have been born in Germany, but her heart and soul have always had a strong connection to the USA. Influenced by performers such as Emmylou Harris, James Taylor and Neil Young, as a teen Sylkie performed throughout Germany. She recorded and released her first record for Teldec. After marginal success she decided to sharpen her writing skills and therefore focused on producing songs in her 8-track studio. Shortly thereafter, she was accepted to attend the Pop Music Program at the prestigious Hamburg Musikhochschule. After completing her studies in Hamburg, Sylkie single-handedly landed a recording contract with BMG Ariola. Her debut EP consisted of 3 original compositions. This was followed by the recording of her album 'Harbor in the Night'. She not only composed 10 of the 11 compositions, but also co-produced the album. The first single 'Don't' landed in the German charts and two more singles followed. In 1997 Sylkie's composition 'All the places' was recorded by the British band BND and charted in the German Top 100. It was released world-wide and went gold. In 1998, 2000, and 2003 Sylkie was awarded a Certificate of Achievement by Unisong for her songs 'Take It Slow', 'Still Here', 'The Puzzle', and 'Where My River Runs'. Sylkie has toured throughout Europe playing support to artists such as Ian Matthews (Plainsong) and Supercharge and has performed with Julian Dawson and Grammy award winner Albert Lee. She also conducts singing and business workshops (e.g. at the annual Euro-Rock Festival in Germany) and has, among others, vocal-coached young U.S. actor Coltin Scott (General Hospital). Sylkie is head of the vocal department of Drummers Institute and she also is the official German translator for Mel Bay Music Publications. She spends part of the year in Nashville performing and co-writing with various acknowledged staff writers such as Curtis Lance (Don't Happen Twice/Kenny Chesney), Gilles Goddard (Patty Loveless, Terri Clark,Tracy Byrd, Ricky Skaggs, Blackhawk), Grammy-Award winner Don Rollins (It's 5 o'Clock Somewhere/Alan Jackson + Jimmy Buffett), Charley Stefl (The Fool/LeeAnn Womack, Garth Brooks, George Jones), Tim Krekel (Aaron Tippin, Chrystal Gayle, Martina McBride), and Jamie Richards. +++++++++ Sylkie is currently finishing up the work of her forthcoming album GENUINE in Nashville. Among the musicians in her band are Eddie Bayers (drums), Brent Mason (e-guitar), Bruce Bouton (dobro, pedal steel) and Danny Parks (acoustic guitar, mandolin). She says: “Nashville is like home. For the first time in my life, I can be musically who I really am.”



Written By: Sylkie Monoff

Laughin’ (Just To Keep Me From Cryin’) Copyright © Sylkie Monoff 2007

I know you think my life’s an easy ride
and good luck is always by my side.
Here’s the truth:
I’m laughin’ just to keep me from cryin’.
You won’t see me falter, you won’t hear me complain
‘cause in a second anything may change
and that is why:
I’m laughin’ just to keep me from cryin’.

When bills are piling up and taxes are due
and all I’ve counted on is fallin’ through,
when things seem worse than they’ve been in a while
I get on my knees, look up and smile.

I’ve learned my lesson, tryin’ to play my part,
how to lose with grace and love with all my heart.
That’s my cure.
I’m laughin’ just to keep me from cryin’.

When everything I do ends up in a mess,
day after day I’m being put to the test, I say:
Lord have mercy, let me go down in style.
Help me make it with a smile smile smile.

I know you think my life’s been an easy ride
and good luck is always by my side.
Here’s the truth:
I’m laughin’ just to keep me from cryin’.
I’ve got news for you.
I’m laughin’ just to keep me from,
Laughin’ just to keep me from,
Laughin’ just to keep me from cryin’.

Something In Me

Written By: Sylkie Monoff

Something In Me Copyright © Sylkie Monoff 2007

You asked me casually when I’d be back
I shrugged my shoulders, smiled and grabbed my jacket
and with a wave of the hand I was out your door
Got in the car and put it into gear
without looking in my rear view mirror
at what I left behind to find what the future held in store.

Then I rolled down my window and slowly rolled down your road
‘til I was past the lake, that’s where I almost hit the brake ‘cause baby

something in me was fighting like a tree bending in the wind
something in me was holding on to what we said we’d better end
Well the truth was cruel but simple though I was tryin’ to play it cool
Something in me …

You never called. You never wrote.
First I pretended that I didn’t notice
how days became weeks and weeks turned to months.
Another city in another state,
starting from scratch I thought was what it takes
to delete your memory and realize where I belong.

It was a different kind of happy. Yeah things were going well
but somehow I couldn’t quit checking for your number on my cell.

Something in my was fighting like a tree bending in the wind
something in me was hanging on to what I couldn’t understand.
With a whole new life around me I was just feeling like a fool
‘cause something in me was still in love.

So I finally took the courage and drove out to your house
and my heart raced like a speeding train when you came rushing out
and I flew into your arms. It was like coming home again,
and I could hardly believe what you replied when I asked you how you’d been.

You said: “Something in me has been fighting
and I’ve waited much too long
to let you know how I’ve been torn since the day that you’ve been gone
Tell me if I’m crazy or do you feel the same way, too?
Something in me….”
You said: “Baby, baby, something in me
is still in love with you.”