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The best kept secret in music


"Sylk Smoov by M.C. Spice"

Sylk Smoov
By M.C. Spice

Sylk Smoov is on the grind again with more of that hot shyt you have grown to expect from one of rap's smooth hustlers. Armed with two hot new singles, "Poke It Out" and "Like It hurt" and his own label, look for Sylk Smoov to kick in the door wavin' the hot tracks...

SpiceRadio: Welcome to SpiceRadio.Com, my man. Been awhile since you broke out, right?

Sylk Smoov: Fa sho, fa sho.

SpiceRadio: Where are u livn' right now? And HOW are you livin'?

Sylk Smoov: Right now I'm in Saint Louis. Everything's been good. My life nowadays is all about cataction. So that's pretty much what my focus has been on.

SpiceRadio: Are you amped about the album?

Sylk Smoov: Aw, fasho. Its been a minute since I been on the scene, so I'm anxious to get back on the grind with my new shit. I'm amped to see how the world takes to the new Sylk Smoov and cataction muzik

SpiceRadio: Did you have alot of creative input in this album?

Sylk Smoov: Oh yea. Me and hype dawg aka the beat creature did the entire album. So we pretty much had all the input and a few of my peoples did some guest appearances

SpiceRadio: Who are some of the featured guests on this album? And what's the title?

Sylk Smoov: JCD aka Jody-1 did a few songs wit me on the album, also Mr. A and the beat creature did some funny as skits. 40 from 40 oz productions slid me a hot track, he's out of South Carolina (Charleston)

SpiceRadio: What's your favorite joint on the album right now?

Sylk Smoov: I'm feelin' that "So Thurl". That song was kind of personal to me and I did the track,so when I ride to the album I keep "So Thurl" on repeat. It sort of touches me when I ride to it.

SpiceRadio: What does the song touch on lyrically?

Sylk Smoov: Well its pretty much a song clownin haters and fakers, wimps in pimps clothing etc....I had some things I wanted to get off my chest and in that I glamorized the life of a thurlberd and things that a thurl would do under certain situations.

SpiceRadio: You consider yourself a thurlbred?

Sylk Smoov: Of course, a thurl for short. Why be anything else?

SpiceRadio: Here's a thurlbred situation. Let's say the promoter owes you money. You took the limo almost six hours to the concert hall, and you get there and your money ain't right. Limo ain't paid for. What does a thurlbred do?

Sylk Smoov: well its all about the fans, If they paid to see a performance, and this point in time I have to give the people what they want and paid for.

I wouldn't pay for the limo because it wouldn't be a Sylk Smoov bill. I would probably still do the show and not fuck wit that promoter again. Plus I always keep a rental when I'm out of town

SpiceRadio: OK. So you spare the promoter the beat-down?

Sylk Smoov: What will I get out of beatin' him down? A case? 'Cuz when you get through, you still didn't get your money and you risk the chance of lookin' ignorant. This is cataction

SpiceRadio: Ahh. Well put. How's your views on beef with certain rappers being over-publicized?

Sylk Smoov: To me dissin' is cool to a certain extent. I like the Nas and Jigga battle. Jigga hit Nas, Nas came back and that was it for the most part. But this Jarule shit is to long drawn to me. And the Benzino shit.

SpiceRadio: You think they ran out of songs? Or you really believe they got beef?

Sylk Smoov: I dont know what it is.But if its real beef,see em in the me,You pubbin a nigga up when you steady bringin his name up.and if you continue to do that even if your right or wrong you still risk the chance of being called a hater. Now you look bad. That's just me. Niggas is to emotional these days

SpiceRadio: So we're not gonna hear any Silk Smoov beefs on wax, right?

Sylk Smoov: I wouldnt say that,but you I aint finna hear me make a whole album about the shit

SpiceRadio: Comin' up in Hip-Hop, who are some of the cats that made you say, "Damn, I wanna do that."?

Sylk Smoov: EPMD really inspired me to take it to the next level.I could relate to the laid back mcee'n that they put down and Rakim. I just saw myself when I looked at them.

SpiceRadio: Who would be a good match-up with you on a tour?

Sylk Smoov: That's a hard one. 50, Jigga, Nas, Lil John. I think I could match up with most of the commercial Hip-Hop industry.

SpiceRadio: Is the art of pimpin' being poorly promoted in rap?

Sylk Smoov: Not really,I dont think,like they say the game is to be sold not told

SpiceRadio: Which one is pimpin' the other? Snoop Dogg or Bishop Don Juan?

Sylk Smoov: Ha, you funny. No comment

SpiceRadio: on a wrap-up, when is the album due? And what can we expect to hear?

Sylk Smoov: the album is in stores in the middle of January of 2004.CatAction 25-8,go git that shit.Its packed wit information on pimpin,hustlin,and just gittin your paper as a whole so anybody tryin to come up can use 25-8 and there theme music.I got some club stuff,some stuff for the ladies.Its definitly worth checkin out,I tried to cover alot of bases wit 25-8.

SpiceRadio: What's the label you're working with right now?

Sylk Smoov: I started my own label called CatAction Muzik and I linked with redline distribution so now I can begin to cover the globe with this.

SpiceRadio: If you had one wish granted, what would it be?

Sylk Smoov: I would wish for 3 more wishes

Cacth the new album, 'CatAction 25-8" in stores featuring the new singles "Poke It Out" and "Like It hurt"


"Dont call it a comeback"

It's midnight and my and the crew have just arrived at Sylk Smoov's CD Release Party at The Spot. Walking across the parking lot, I'm plesantly surprised at the number of people who turned out judging from the number of cars in the parking lot. On route to the door, I'm hoping that everything is copestetic, this is last minute for me. I only found out about it a coupla hours in advance when my boy Wil hit me up after hearing about it on Q 95. I hit Sylk up about coming down to do the interview and he was like "yeah, come on through".

Now I'm at the door, and like I said before, hoping me and my crew don't have a problem getting up in this piece. You wouldn't believe the shit we go through covering events. Most of the time it's all good, but every now we have to get buck wild and straight bum rush the show. If you've ever covered an event in St. Louis, you probably feel me on this. Not this time. True to his word, Sylk had everything in place, so we cruised right on it, set up and waited for the man of the hour to do his thing.

Usually, I'm good a spotting's very rare that people are able to sneak up on me...I'm usually the one creeping up on them, so imagine my surprise when I feel someone tap me on the shoulder, turning around I seen none other than Sylk Smoov. His boys working the crowd, droppin tees, cds, posters, the whole 9. Very Smooth.

We walk over to The Wall of Fame and get down to bizness...

Let me start by giving props for you being the first cat to break out of St. Louis on major label...not Nelly, some people need to check their St. Louis hip hop history.

We gotta show love to Nelly

bgyrl4life (struck by his humbleness)
No doubt, but we also have to show love to the pioneers who blazed the path for people like Nelly, Chingy & J-Kwon

Sylk (nods)

You're back, with a new album...pointing to his Cat Action t-shirt

Cat Action 25/8, in stores now. It's like a blueprint for anybody on the grind, tring to get thier money on.

What is "Cat Action"?

Cats from the hood. We're some cats from the hood. It's basic.

bgyrl4life (laughing...)
25-8? Not 24-7...25-8?

25-8...we don't sleep at all

When you came on the scene, St. Louis wasn't on the map as far as the rap scene, today, it's the hottest city in the rap game. Did you ever think it would get to this point?

Sylk (emphatically)
I knew it would get to this point. I was just talking to Hype about when Cube made that song about St. Louis, he knew St. Louis was bout it, know what I'm sayin', it's been on, its' just time people stepped up to the plate and put their talent out there.

Is that what made you claim St. Louis initially...I mean...Let's take Domino, Domino is originally from St. Louis, a lot of people don't know that...he didn't come out like "yo I'm from St. Louis....yada, yada, yada", as a matter of fact, he left St. Louis, (not that I'm judging, back then the game was different and a lot of people left and went east or west to try to make it). What made you decide to represent St. Louis?

You know what? I'm flowing first, know what I'm sayin? I can't help but keep it real, it's involuntary. I come from the Northside, that's how it is.

St. Louis born and bred...

Sylk (nodding in agreement)
St. Louis born and bred...25-5, holla at your folks.

What other projects do you have in the works...upcoming appearances, movies?

We're working on 25-8 The Movie right now plus we got 5 acts we're pushing right now. The real deal.

Local talent?

We're starting out with all local talent. We're putting local talent on.

That's love, alot of cats aren't putting local talent on

Well I can't worry about what they do, I got to worry about what I do

bgyrl4life (laughs)

It's 25-8 Cat Action, baby. Holla at ya folks.

Holla at ya folks.


Sylk Smoov (self titled album 1992) Mercury/Polygram singles "Klientele",Trick wit a good rap","Drama"

Whatevers Clever (album) select/atlantic 1994

Drop down (House Party 3 "soundtrack"Produced bu DJ Quik)

JCD and the Dawg Lb "profile" (appeared on"Tell you bout a Bi$$$")

Bit$$ better have my money "select/atlantic (vocal apperance)

Mob wit me "CatAction Muzik/indie" (single 2001)

Mov wit me CatAction Muzik/SouthernXXX (Money Murder and Muzik "Murder Dog Magazine Compilation")

CatAction 25-8 "CatAction Muzik/Indie"(album 2004) singles "Poke it out","Like it hurt","Eyeballin a Pimp","Good Rap","Catch a Vision"

St.louis baseball Cardinals anthem "St.Louis Cardinals" (parady of Black eye peas "Lets get it started" 93.7 fm the bull,Sylk Smoov,and the St.Louis Cardinals release single and give proceeds to charity


Feeling a bit camera shy


“The First St. Louis rapper to break nationally” – The Source Magazine

Sylk Smoov first emerged on the music scene in the early 90s. In an era when West Coast Gangster Rap and East Coast Hip-Hop ruled the airwaves, Sylk opened the door and helped pave the way for many St. Louis rappers of today.

Sylk was born and raised on the north side of St. Louis, MO. A place notorious for producing some of St. Louis' worst criminals, Sylk was determined to avoid the violence that the inner city streets delivered. In the early 80s, Sylk was inspired to start writing his own rhymes after hearing Sugar Hill Gang's "Rappers Delight" and listening to the late DJ JockenStein's Roll Call radio show on the local WESL AM station, which at the time was the only station playing hip hop in St. Louis. Focusing on his music, Smoov managed to save up enough money to record a demo. He sent out over 100 tapes to every Record Label, Production and Management company across the U.S. Little did he know his plan had worked. On January 1, 1991, five minutes passed the New Year, he received a call from Total Track Productions, known for producing DJ Quik, AMG, The Boss and Hi-C. They were so impressed with Sylk that an offer was made that same night. Soon enough he was signed to PWL/Mercury Records releasing his first self-entitled album, Sylk Smoov. The album featured the 1st single "Klientele" and included the club favorite "Trick Wit A Good Rap" featuring AMG receiving national attention and peaked at number 4 on Billboard Magazine's Hot Rap Singles Chart in 1992. The Source Magazine gave "Sylk Smoov" three and a half MIC's. In 1994 Sylk signed with Select Records and was featured on the House Party 3 Motion Picture Soundtrack with song and video “Drop Down”. Eventually the production company made some bad business decisions. Because of this, Sylk parted ways with Total Track by waiting out his contract and moved on.

“Sylk Smoov came up in a different time and he was the man. Sylk did real good.”
- Nelly (Murderdog Magazine interview)

Since then the climate has changed. More St. Louis rappers are breaking into the mainstream. They are getting signed to Major Labels and going multi-platinum. There currently are more media outlets than ever before. In 1997 Sylk started CatAction Muzik producing tracks for local up and coming rappers. During this time an unfortunate turn of events occurred. A faulty space heater in his studio caused a fire that burned and destroyed all of his equipment. Shortly after that in the year 2000 another tragic event happened, his cousin Ray “Lethal” Lathon life ended due to a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Lathon was a professional Light Heavy Weight Boxer and Evander Holyfield’s sparring partner. These traumatic events didn’t stop Sylk from achieving his goals and moving forward with his career. That same year he went back into the studio and made the single “Mob Wit Me”, putting himself back out there with his first release on his own newly formed independent CatAction Muzik. The song did well locally in St. Louis getting heavy Commercial radio mix show spins. This caught the attention of Red Line Music Distribution who currently is distributing his 2004 “CatAction 25-8” album to the masses. On this new album he has enlisted his first producer, Hype Dawg - The Beat Creature, who has worked with Luke Records, Mad Flava (Priority), JCD and The Dawg Pound (Profile) and many more. With this original team back together, nothing will stop the Cat Action! The “25-8” in the title means an hour and a day ahead of yourself, something Sylk takes to heart and displays it relentlessly on this album. From the infectious first single “Poke It Out” b/w “Like It Hurt” to the subtle lyrical manipulation delivered in “Twisted” as well as the thought provoking “Catch A Vision” and Ladies favorite “Good Rap”. Backed up with superior trunk rattling booty shaking beats provided by the ear candy specialist The Beat Creature, “CatAction 25-8” pushes the boundaries of Hip Hop putting Sylk Smoov back into the spotlight.