Syllian Rayle

Syllian Rayle


A statement of intent with a sonic assault on your senses. Growling guitars, dissident basslines and racing drums together with an energetic and interactive liveshow. Grunge and Metal are united in a unique and exciting way.


Surrounded by an ever increasing sea of generic rock and indie that are plaguing this decade, Syllian Rayle rose to the challenge of creating an original sound to shatter the conventional. This resulted in a show that fuses aspects of grunge and metal together in a fit of passion. The members all wrote and recorded with different bands around the country but none could resist the call to join this new family. Each of the members have their own style and very different qualities which have been intricately wound into Syllian Rayle. Rob the drummer is extremely talented bringing wicked time changes and rocking beats, Ange on bass brings class and style to the stage, Eoghain adds extreme riffage to the mix and front man Moe is charismatic with a touch of crazy. Their growling guitars, racing drums and ripping bass lines provide a unique live show that never fails to entertain.

Together they have clocked up over 40 gigs since their first assault on the live scene in July 2005 with headline shows in venues all over Dublin including Temple Bar Music Center, Eamonn Doran's, the Voodoo Lounge and other slots in places such as The Hub, The Vaults, The Boom Boom Room, Fibbers, Isaac Butt, Slattery's, Katie Gallagher's and of course there have been a few very special appearances at house parties. Anywhere they have played they have been invited back only receiving enthusiastic reviews. The show is a must see with energy and enthusiasm and crowd participation that is severely lacking elsewhere on the Irish scene. Welcomed by all types of genres Syllian Rayle receive gig requests weekly by a massive spread in diversity of bands from death metal to indie. They are professional to work with, fun to hang out with, and awesome to witness.

Various recordings have been done over the years and several demo's distributed across the country and across the festival circuit in Europe. However, 2007 saw the band enter the studio for their first serious project. They are currently half way through their debut album and planning a release this Summer. 2008 is the year of The Rayle. Join us on this excellent adventure.


Some rarities and early demos are circulating around Dublin and the internet.
Debut album is currently being recorded at Cosmic Recordings and will be launched in autum of this year.

Set List

Typical setlist (All original songs unless stated):

Far Too Late
Brand New
When She Died
Far Too Late
The Swinger
Them Bones (Alice in Chains)

Running time approx 60mins