Sylvan Wolfe

Sylvan Wolfe


“you have to hear it for yourself”. They haven’t been together long, but they are already molding a sound all there own. For me, they’re a breath of fresh air in the local music scene.
David Norbut for


When Sylvan Wolfe plays, primal emotion becomes palpable in the room. There is neither a lack of sensitivity or balls to the wall rock. The genesis of their unique sound lies within the working method of the band. Lead singer Christa Boeykens writes every song on an old Kay acoustic guitar. These sketches make their way to the band who push, pull, stomp, twist and eventually spit them back out in an undoubtedly unique amalgam. The varied musical background of the members keeps things interesting- songs go from surf rock to doo-wop to straight rock & roll and then back again. Sylvan Wolfe started out as a refuge of sorts. A place for people that had dropped the need to be anything but themselves to go and express themselves.

“All we want to do is share that feeling we get when we do this. That and maybe some hip shaking.”


Black Branch EP 2012